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The name of the enterprise (brief): IC MP 'Analitik' 
The name of the enterprise (full): Ispytatel'nyjj centr maslozhirovojj produkcii 'Analitik' 
The note (about the company): If you are engaged in manufacture or realization of olive seeds, vegetable oils or масложировой production, you, undoubtedly, interest questions of quality.
Address in the test centre масложировой production 'Аналитик'.
We execute for you:
- The objective, qualified estimation of quality of declared production on any interesting parameter;
- An identification estimation of vegetable oils and масложировых products;
- Consulting services in the field of quality of production and the "know-how".
ИЦ MT 'Аналитик' is accredited by Gosstandart of the Russian Federation on technical competence and independence of System of certification of GOST Р (РОСС RU.0001.21 ПУЗЗ).
Test reports admit as Bodies of Certification of the Russian Federation, supervising bodies.
Our operational experience in масложировой to branch and our knowledge will help you a correct direction in масложировом business. We shall be glad to work with you.
Organizational - the legal form:Society with Limited Liability 
Kind of activity:
Engineering-design efforts in natural and technical areas
Made Goods / services:
Settlement: Krasnodar 
The postal index: 350001 
The post address: Krasnodar, a/ja 3479 
The phone: ( 8612 ) 33-29-40 
Head (Ф.И.О).: T. M. Bagalijj 

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