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The review of the Russian market of интернет-services
The first интернет-cafe has appeared in London in 1994, his(its) founder has put only two computers for clients. Probably, at that time more also it was not necessary, since service was new, and practically nobody knew about it(her). But at the same time, it was made completely is realized, an overall objective of this marketing course was desire to involve new clients in small cafe. In Russia experts count the beginning of development of Internet - technologies 1994, at this time in Russia the first has appeared интернет-провайдер, it(he) referred to DUX. And in December, 1995 in St. Petersburg the first еб-cafe which referred to "Тетрис" has appeared, then the format has reached Moscow, and already has gone to regions (on materials of clauses(articles) " the Market еб-cafe in Russia ", http: // later? name=Pages*op=view*id=66 and " Веб is a method to spend. But where? ", http: // name=Pages*op=view*id=67). The Internet - cafe at that time carried out three basic functions: an opportunity to have a bite to not too rich population and to brighten up the leisure on open spaces of the Internet or in the virtual world of games a little. Now, except for these basic functions, the интернет-cafe carries out a number(line) of others: dialogue on various sites, chats, the organization of business meetings, an opportunity to unpack(print out), сосканировать any document or a photo, down to the big formats to copy the necessary information on the electronic carrier, the organization of holidays and days of birthes, at equipment еб-chambers, headphones with a microphone, employees can provide communication(connection) with any point of the world and arrange videoconference or videopresentation. The most perspective site of such institutions, the trading - entertaining centres, shops of household and computer engineering, the central streets of city, with the maximal passableness and in tourist zones are. However, if the mark of an institution is untwisted, does not take basic value a place of opening of a new point of access in интернет. Constant visitors are familiar with the prices, conditions, quality and conditions and will search for maximum close place from a house, studies or works. Recently, even more often интернет adjoins to billiard rooms, discos and other places of rest of youth. Also, now quite often an opportunity to feel advantage интернета it is possible and in post offices. In opinion of some experts, perspective accommodation of интернет-cafe were student's hostels, business centers and stations. Experts recognize, that it is the most convenient to arrange such cafe " under a wing " any провайдера: connected directly, интернет works with that speed which is unreal to reach(achieve) on a domestic computer. In a result the business hour in cafe appears more effective and cheap, than bought for work in a study or houses. This one of the basic advantages "public" интернета before domestic or working access. But in the majority of cafe communication(connection) is adjusted through the allocated channels - they too provide the maximum(supreme) speed of data transmission, though also the least, than at connection directly. Some интернет-cafes, for example "Петерлинк", have the wide menu where submit, including hot dishes, among which: a shish kebab from mussels, фрикасе from lobsters, pies with fresh fruit and berries. But there are интернет-cafe which are sustained in especially business manner. To such concerns " Веб Плас ", there submit only drinks. In them seminars for businessmen on the most different themes constantly be held: trade, advertising, PR-activity in интернете, creation of pages. One of the purposes of club - to make these seminars tradition and to have an opportunity to give out to the graduates certificates as in the educational centre. Not including it, " Веб Плас " actively develops such service as an IP-telephony, on the spot it it it is possible to look as the ADSL-modem (on materials of clause(article) " Веб works is method to spend. But where? ", http: // name=Pages*op=view*id=67). In Russia the adjacent form of "public" access in интернет is distributed also are интернет-clubs. There do not offer any dishes, drinks. From coming into force of the law on gamblings (" About state regulation of activity on the organization and realization of gamblings "), many интернет-clubs were noticed in the organization of a интернет-casino though it too is forbidden the law. A part of such institutions are constantly closed, the others continue to work and expand the network. Internet - clubs which conduct fair "game", in the rest have a similar set of opportunities, as интернет-cafe: games, work in интернете, listing of documents and photos, copying of the information on electronic carriers etc. In opinion of many experts of the market, the boom of "public" access in интернет has passed. So, experts of the company " Айтемс + " consider, that the given direction intensively can develop only in regions whereas in Moscow and St. Petersburg the peak of demand for the given service has come on 2000 - 2003. According to the company, the market of интернет-cafe in Moscow was generated, and the audience of such institutions sharply will not increase any more. The statistics speaks about it also: if in the beginning of 2000th in capital was approximately 500-600 points of collective access in интернет to the beginning of 2007 of them already remained 100-150. The reason of this sharp reduction that all more than users leave in интернет from a domestic computer. In opinion of experts Swiss Realty Group, will continue to be in demand steady demand game clubs in the sleeping areas, designed on youth, and they will live until the market can not offer youth of other worthy entertainments. Experts of the company " Корбина Телеком " consider, that now the majority of visitors of интернет-cafe are those people at which temporarily or constantly is absent интернет an at home or on work. And the more the computer will enter into life of people, the less интернет-cafe will use. But it is impossible to tell, that the given service will be not claimed at all, she(it) will be in demand at tourists, иногодних and at those who on business trips. However there is also an opposite opinion. So, in opinion of experts of the company " Central Telegraph ", the peak of popularity of this service yet has not passed, as Internet - technologies in our country develop rough rates and already many of Russians do not think themselves without opportunities of the world wide Web: the order of tickets, booking of hotel reservations, purchasing with home delivery, payment of services, communication(connection) with any point of the world etc. A little limits popularity of интернет-cafe - rather new service for Russia WI-FI. It is wireless technology of access in интернет which provides to owners ноутбуков and КПК communication(connection) with the world wide Web. For this reason all is more than hotels, restaurants, кофеен and other public institutions will provide access to a global network. The majority of experts of the market converge in opinion, that with development of technology WI-FI, in cities - иллионниках the format of интернет-cafe will depart gradually on the second plan. However, in regions and cities with the small population, places of wire access in интернет it will be increased. But WI-FI in Russia develops not such fast rates with which it would be desirable, and quality of communication(connection) now on wireless access leaves to wish the best, and in the prices this technology while loses to a habitual way of communication(connection) with интернетом. Proceeding from this, service in access in интернет-cafe and clubs while can exist rather quietly (on materials of clauses(articles) " Shopping centers will not rescue Internet - cafe ", http: // no=830 and " the Internet - cafe will die out ", http: // 2007/07/17/4113). Recently owners of cafe and the clubs selling time on using интернетом in the institutions, had new problem: under the project of the Maximum(supreme) arbitration court in hire hands over not only a computer, but also a software established by it(him), and behind the sanction of it(him) to rent it is necessary to go to the legal owner. The programs established on computers, can be given without the consent of the legal owner, only if they are inextricably related with the device. If the law will be broken, then the legal owner can demand indemnification up to 5 million roubles, double cost контрафакта or the indemnification. On criminal case to infringers threatens till 6 years, and on administrative - the penalty up to 40 thousand roubles (on materials of clause(article) " On rights of rent ", http: // The most successful project in Russia in the market of интернет-services for today is the project "Cafemax". It(he) was based in 2000 with assistance of the company " McKinsey and Company ". For today it is 6 интернет-centres located in Moscow (4) and Saint Petersburg (2). These centres have settled down, one of which totals over 300 computers, on the Neva prospectus, on a ground floor of the Hermitage, in Останкинском the television centre, in territory of university of the Moscow State University, and also in the centre of capital. Besides into a network enters 6 кофеен " Coffee Хаус " and Cafe - restaurant in the street Bryansk, Кофейня in the Minsk street. In the summer 2007 "Cafemax" together with company " Microsoft " started realization of the project new to our country: 1. All computers "Cafemax" will be equipped with a standard software package "Microsoft", including Windows XP Professional, Office 2007 Standard (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), Publisher 2007, services Windows Live; 2. At visitors of the интернет-centres the opportunity to pass electronic rates of increase of computer literacy will appear and after the termination(ending) to receive the joint certificate "Microsoft" and "Cafemax"; 3. All computers of a network will be equipped with products for the advanced users - Visual Studio Professional 2007 and Expression Web. Besides in интернет-interiors Cafemax in Pjatnitskoj street in Moscow and on the Neva prospectus in Saint Petersburg " zones Vista " where will be established Windows Vista and Office 2007 Professional will appear so-called. According to organizers, rates will be free-of-charge, and the interested person of them to pass it will be necessary to pay only access in the Network. On assurances of representatives Microsoft, average duration of all four types of rates stipulated by the project makes about 20 hours (on materials of a site of company Cafemax, http: // According to researches by spent Fund "Public opinion" (ФОМ) in the period since winter 2006 about one summer(years) of 2008 the most popular place of an output(exit) of Russians in интернет the own house (the diagram 1) was. Research ФОМ has captured 68 subjects of federation. Total volume of sample of 34 thousand person. Research was carried out(spent) among persons than 18 years are more senior. The diagram 1. Dynamics(changes) of popularity of places of using интернетом in Russia since winter 2006 about one summer(years) of 2008, % from the general(common) number of users Source: http: // 3 Researches show, that popularity of интернет-cafe gradually falls, and the presence(finding) of users of a house at an output(exit) in a global network steadily grows (the diagram 2), that first of all is connected by that all more Russians buy computers and conclude contracts with интернет-провайдерами. The diagram 2. Dynamics(changes) of popularity of places of using интернетом in Russia since winter 2006 about one summer(years) of 2008, one million чел. Source: http: // 3 ФОМ in the researches so has found out, that the most computer aided region of Russia is Moscow, and last region, according to the given research, is the Far East federal district (diagrams 3 and 4). Thus, the most popular place of an output(exit) in интернет, in all researched regions of the country, is the house, and it it is no wonder - houses always to work more pleasantly. The Internet - cafe use no more than 11 % of users in the country (the maximal interest - in Far East region) and person does not exceed 300 thousand. To those companies which want to expand the network of cafe and clubs in which there will be an opportunity to leave for the world wide Web, first of all it is necessary to pay attention to the following regions: Southern, Siberian, Ural and Far East since the level of a computerization in them low, and in Southern ФО is many resort zones, the probability therefore is great, that this service will be in demand. The diagram 3. Popularity of places of using интернетом in the summer 2008 according to region of residing, % from number of users Source: http: // 3 The diagram 4. Popularity of places of using интернетом in the summer 2008 according to region of residing, one million чел. Source: http: // 3 Today, when including above Russia, "sword of damocles" of the world economic crisis hangs, the government and the president in particular, gives special attention to development of интернет-technologies in the country. Under the plan of the head of the state it is necessary completely компьютеризировать hospitals and polyclinics to raise(increase) speed of access in a global network at schools and as a whole in the country, to provide an opportunity to feel advantages интернета for children - invalids who are trained an at home (on materials of clause(article) " Crisis will help the Internet ", http: // Now, in conditions of the world(global) financial crisis, the 2008 which has begun by an autumn, as well as any kind of business in Russia, the cafe and the clubs giving access in интернет, are in very complex(difficult) situation. The strongest players having sufficient "Will survive" in such conditions only has touched durabilities. Struggle for the consumer all time becomes aggravated and to pass this time with the least losses and to reach(achieve) any results experts of the market of интернет-services of Russia advises to resort to the following measures: · to not reduce charges on advertising and other means of promotion of mark for the market of интернет-services; · To advertising services to approach(suit) from the different parties(sides) and to use both stands city centre, and leaflets, sticking them at stops and columns, as much as possible covering a target audience; · Now a special urgency find: convenience of a site, cleanliness of a premise(room), a level of comfort at using service, quality of given service, a price level for use of a computer; · it Is meaningful to expand a target audience, and the more there will be this circle of consumers, the there will be an opportunity to receive profit more; · Also it is important to provide accompanying service: for example, advice(councils) or the practical help on elimination of problems with a domestic computer of the client; · also it Is necessary to take into account pluss and minuses of competitors, therefore it is constantly necessary to observe of them, not letting out a string of competitive struggle; · it Is necessary to increase the average check, entering additional services: an opportunity to receive and send a fax, брошюрирование, ламинирование, a seal of digital photos, record of video with VHS/MiniDV/MiniHVS cartridges on CD / DVD; · it Is far from being last value in this sphere has congestion of a hall, and the she(it) is more, the profitability of business is more. And congestion of a hall can be achieved, including, hardly lower prices for given services, than at competitors at high quality; · Development of discounts for using интернета in unpopular time, for example, at night or in the certain days, when small attendance; · it Is far from being last role plays improvement of professional skill, both managements(manuals), and the personnel. And to raise the professional level it is possible, not only reading books on business dealing or mastering new programs, but also getting acquainted with experience of competitors on various sites and in блогах. Participants of the market assure, what if not to observe these conditions, visitors simply will cease to go and the profit sharply will start to be reduced, and in conditions of a general crisis then "to survive" it will be impossible (on materials of clause(article) " How to go through crisis to business интернет cafe ", http: // q=node/126). The basic conclusions of the review:  In Russia интернет-services basically give two kinds of institutions, namely cafe and clubs, but recently интернет-technologies all will penetrate into life of Russians more deeply;  In Russia the set of интернет-cafe and clubs, and at each of them the advantages before competitors operates: at someone service, at others a wide set of various dishes in the menu, at the third раскрученность бренда, allowing to take a worthy place in the market;  Internet - technologies in Russia today find the increasing popularity and development: all master people интернет and a computer as a whole more, speed of access in the world wide Web is increased, there are other more "advanced" ways of communication(connection) with a global network;  Popularity of интернет-cafe in Russia is gradually reduced, therefore the companies should reflect on expansion of the of networks in other regions: Southern, Ural, Siberian and Far East, т. To. A level of a computerization in these regions insufficient;  That the companies "to survive" in modern conditions of a world(global) economic crisis as never it is necessary to observe a number(line) of conditions: aggressive advertising, qualitative service, competitive prices of services, a high level of qualification of the personnel and a management(manual).
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