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The analysis of the market of beer.
The market of beer
The last year volumes of manufacture of beer алматинскими by brewers, manufacturers from city Ore twice are increased. In one and a half time began to spill "Шымкентпиво", the Karaganda brewery, алматинский "Динал" and Ural "Нуржанар" more. By efforts of our brewers to counters it is exposed the last year 17,3 million has given some beer that has allowed to offer per capita in one year of an amber drink of 11,9 litres. In present year the domestic commodity producer is ready to put on one soul of 30-35 litres of a product. Probably, will increase not only volumes of manufacture, but also the assortment considerably will extend. On a recognition of the consumer, already the preference today is given a domestic product. Steady demand use: алматинские beer "Tien Shan" - 58 tenges, "Дербес" - from 40 up to 60 tenges, " Southern capital " - 50 tenges, " the Old miller " - 70 tenges, "Ala Tau" - 55, "Kazakhstan" = 52, "Ирбис" - 70 tenges. Rather confidently have pressed import marks "Pavlodar" - 50 tenges, "Karaganda" - 55, "Жигулевское-east" - 45, " Seven бочек " - 50 tenges.
By intensive development of branch, realization of the newest technologies, dynamical development of present-day lines, most likely, it is possible not only to sate to the Kazakhstan brewers the domestic market but also to leave for his(its) limits.

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