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The macaroni market of Russia

The macaroni market of Russia

The market of macaroni in our country today as is never close to saturation. You see some years the domestic production of this production is increased, and you see the market capacity is limited. A parameter of capacity of the Russian macaroni market according to different sources about 0,75-1 million tons. The most significant factor limiting a market capacity is an increase of assortment of semifinished items both active promotion and saturation of the market by similar products. In Soviet times macaroni were one of the most popular semifinished items, today in the market of semifinished items the offer is very various: porridges, soups, vermicelli, mashed potatoes of fast preparation and many - many other things.

The data Goskomstat of the Russian Federation.

As it was already told, the domestic production of macaroni is increased, for example, in 2000 growth of manufacture has made in comparison with 1999 26,8 %. Many manufacturers today expand the capacities. The big share of capacities of this branch is concentrated in the Central area and if 19 % - in Uralsk area are more exact the share in 32 % of all macaroni articles was made in the Central area of the Russian Federation, and about 10 % - in the Западно-Siberian area. However, whereas in Central and Uralsks areas manufacture of macaroni for January, - November 2000 has increased in in comparison with the similar period of 1999 by 6-10 %, in the Западно-Siberian area it has fallen on 12 %.

Such factors also testify to saturation of the market of macaroni, as decrease(reduction) of import of macaroni with 40 up to 2-5 %, and falling of the prices for macaroni in 2000 whereas the rise in prices on others food stuffs almost corresponded(met) to rates of inflation.

Leaders of the market in 2000 were the following marks: Макфа (12 %), Macaroni factory (Saint Petersburg) – 10 %, Экстра M – 8 %, Вермани (Nizhni Novgorod) – 5 %, Верола (Samara) – 5 %, Federici – 5 % ("Expert" 8/10/01). The quantity(amount) of marks in the macaroni market today is very great – Экстра M, Макфа, Вермани, Верола, Гранмулино, Notable, Russian product, the Union - Пищепром, 7Я, the Ideal, Federici, Corona, Pasta Zara, Maltagliati, Pasta Italia. The assortment of macaroni articles today is very wide, in large shops and supermarkets it is possible to find all kinds of this production from a spaghetti, vermicelli, usual and figured macaroni up to macaroni with a stuffing, color macaroni, macaroni about addition of other cereals, "jacks", large macaroni (such as "лазанья") and others. Among such set of kinds of macaroni, macaroni and figured macaroni articles among which it is necessary to allocate popular рожки use the big preference of consumers a spaghetti. The price for macaroni for 10-15 % is higher (rice. 2).

The data Goskomstat of the Russian Federation.

In figure 2 dynamics(changes) of medium retail prices for macaroni articles in the wholesale markets of cities of Russia in 2001 is submitted. As obviously, the prices for macaroni articles in 2001 were stable enough, only small falling of a price level in the autumn period – a season of vegetables and fruit. However by results of data ММС on the end of year in comparison with the end of 2000 the rise in prices about 10 % is marked, it is necessary to explain it inflation and the general(common) stabilization of a price situation in this market, you see as we and spoke in 2000, the prices for macaroni have decreased even despite of inflation.

Today retail prices for vermicelli are stable, except for 10 % of increase of the prices in Chelyabinsk. Retail prices for vermicelli vary from 7,6 roubles / kg. (Ivanovo) up to 16 roubles / kg. (Kurgan), with the medium price on cities of the Russian Federation - 11,5 roubles / kg. (Rice 3)

On macaroni of the price in retail from the beginning of this year too are stable. They vary from 8,5 roubles / kg. (Penza) up to 26 roubles / kg. (Ivanovo), the medium price – 12,6 roubles / kg.

As to figured macaroni articles retail prices for them too are steady enough, except for Chelyabinsk where the prices for figured macaroni have grown on 8 %. A floor price for figured macaroni of 8,5 roubles / kg. (Penza), a ceiling price – 16,8 roubles / kg., with medium by 11,8 roubles / kg.

Under forecasts of experts, the prices for macaroni articles will stay stable, market and investment activity of manufacturers of macaroni articles however will increase.


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