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The Russian market of juices and nectars (a part 2)

The Russian market of juices and nectars (a part 2)

In the first part we have stopped on potential and demand in the market of juices and nectars, during this review it is offered to stop on the current market offer in more detail.

As we know, the offer of juices today very intensively and though the quantity(amount) of marks is not so great as earlier, their marketing activity has appreciablly raised(increased).

Juices and nectars of marks J7, 100 % Gold Premium, Kind juice, the Champion, Сантал, Сокос, the Favourite garden, the Orchard, the Tone, I, Dr. Fresh, Yes - yes, Амтел, Nico, Rio Grande, Depsona, 7Я, Долька, Троя gold, Granini, Gutta, Rich are considered as the marks most popular and submitted in the market.

Juices of manufacture Вимм-Билль-Данн borrow(occupy) 35 % of all market, uniting marks J7, 100 % Gold Prenium, DJ, Dr. Fresh. The second place on a share of the market is borrowed(occupied) with company Multon of-27 % making juices of marks Kind, Gifts of a summer(years), Nico, Rich, Little big. The share of juices Лебедянского of an experimental cannery up to 18 %, making the Orchard, the Tone, I has increased in 2001.

Source: AcNielson

With growth and concentration of the manufacture, many marks are superseded from the market, and marketing activity of the juices continuing the existence, is increased. For example, the share of TV advertising of this production has considerably increased, interesting and original actions(shares) of promotion (J7) are marked, more active character is got with distribution.

In figure 2. marks of the juices using the greatest demand at consumers are submitted. Such marks have come in the first three, as J7, 100 % Gold Premiun, Kind juice. The same marks are in the lead on a parameter of awareness of consumers, and juice J7 is in the lead with a significant separation.

Source: company Itkor.

And, the Russian consumers prefer first of all orange, apple, tomato and peach, apricot juices. Realizing, that the most important are qualitative characteristics of juice, consumers have changed preferences in a place of purchase of this product from the market to shops and the supermarkets meaning the warranty of production.

The disorder of the prices for juices is very wide, besides taking into account positioning of a product, his(its) quality, packing, intensity of marketing support. Therefore retail prices vary today from 19 up to 76 and more roubles / litre. Juices Dr. Fresh, an Orchard, the Favourite garden, Kind, my family – concern to cheaper segment with a retail price of 19-22 roubles / litre. Juices of 100 % Gold Premium, Nico, the Tone are positioned as better, their retail price of 24-30 roubles / litre. J7, I, Сантал and the Champion concern to more dear(expensive) on gradation more dear(expensive) and qualitative production with a retail price from 32-35 roubles / litre. And last group - juices of the first-rate quality and the appropriate price which varies from 45 roubles / litre.

Traders mark some increase wholesale and retail prices for juices, explaining this tendency change of the minimal declared customs cost on concentrates of juices. But the market continues to develop and grow, therefore significant fluctuations wholesale and retail prices it is not expected.

It is necessary to hope, that juice or nectar becomes soon the same usual drink in a diet of Russians as it(he) is at inhabitants of Europe. And his(its) consumption вырастет not only at inhabitants of cities, but also at all population of Russia.

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