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For men it's all the same, what...
For men it's all the same, what...
Brief review of the basic preferences of ice-cream consumers

One of the most popular and favourite sweets is ice-cream. In a warm season, and especially in the summer, demand for ice-cream is considerably increased. In June, 2002 under the hot summer sun interviewers of the IMC "Kaluga-Moscow" carried out interrogation of buyers of ice-cream with the purpose to find out their main preferences.
In the summer the citizens of Kaluga are active enough in purchase of this product. On the average every fourth cityzen eats ice-cream one or some times per week, and 17 % of ice-cream lovers of approve, that sometimes they eat 2-3 portions per day. The most active consumers appeared to be two age groups: the most often consumer of ice-cream is the youth in the age of up to 18 years, and also people in the age of from 35 till 50 years. More often Kaluga citizens eat ice-cream in the street, buying it when it is desirable something tasty or simply for creation of good mood. More than half of interrogated eat ice-cream at home, and the fifth part of respondents prefer to buy ice-cream in cafe. Besides among interrogated citizens buy ice-cream when go on visit, as a gift - 13,8 %, and eat it only in special solemn occasions - 6,3% of respondents.
The most popular kinds of ice-cream among women are dairy, creamy and plombir, and for men it's all the same what version of ice-cream to use (basically answered "all the same" - 66,7 %), but more often all the same mentioned creamy and fruit (frozen juice).
The most preferred additive almost for half of citizens - nuts (basically for young buyers), almost for third - raisin, for a quarter - caramel and a chocolate crumb, and caramel is more popular among women, and a chocolate crumb - among men. Except for it, each third lover of ice-cream chooses ice-cream without additives (basically, buyers of elder age).
On sale in the Kaluga shops there is basically production of local manufacturers among which the basic share occupies Kaluga Combinat, and a trademark "Darina" is most frequently mentioned among buyers. At finding out of preferences it turned out, that 48% of interrogated citizens have one favourite mark which they buy constantly: 26% of interrogated have answered, that their favourite mark is "Darina", and 17,5 % prefer production of "Nestle". Among those buyers who have favourite mark, about 15 % at all do not buy any another, except for liked.
Results of interrogation have shown also the reasons of choice: 82% of respondents prefer any mark reasoning from flavouring qualities, 56% choose ice-cream being guided by price, 7,7% buy ice-cream according to familiar, and good appearance is the main criterion for 2,6% of interrogated.

Anna Bazhenova
IMC "Kaluga-Moscow"

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