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In the Russian market of dry breakfasts (ММЦ "Moscow")

In the Russian market of dry breakfasts

In previous clause(article) the market of semifinished items on an example of noodles of fast preparation, today in sight other product – dry breakfasts was considered. As a whole various grain flakes concern to a category of dry breakfasts, mjusli, we shall consider - porridges of fast preparation which have in turn appeared in the Russian market rather recently. Initially in this market there was only import production from such countries as Finland, England, Germany, after crisis by this product have become interested also domestic manufacturers as all factors testify to high prospects of this market, and the "know-how" can be mastered. Is simplified process of transformation of various grains in porridges of fast preparation it is possible to present so:
– a prethermal stage of processing of a grain (a peeling and so forth),
– a thermal stage (original industrial "cooking" of nucleus of grains – processing dry the ferry, drying),
– a stage of polishing of grains,
– cutting of grains with their subsequent transformation into flakes - pressing,
– a stage of mixing of flakes with various additives and components (dry fruit, nuts, the sugar, vitaminized additives, dry cream, podslastiteli, aromatizatory and so forth),
– a final stage of packing in industrial, a retail container, packings and marks of finished goods.
Since, as this product has appeared in our market, it(he) not only has found the buyer, but also has won the certain position in consciousness of Russians, not without reason real demand in the market kash fast preparation is constantly increased, according to a marketing department of company " Быстров ", annually there is a growth of the market in 2-2,5 times. There are various data on a market capacity kash fast preparation, the estimation of experts for 2000 varies from 6 up to 10 thousand tons. That is this year it is necessary to expect increase of the market up to 15-20 thousand tons of finished goods. It turns out, that srednedushevoe consumption kash fast preparation less than kg in one year whereas in the countries of Europe, this parameter reaches(achieves) several kg per one year. It is possible to draw a conclusion, what the market is at a stage of intensive growth in the life cycle though sharp marketing conditions already is now observed what is necessary to expect when rates of growth of the market will fall, coming nearer to a maturity?
Dry breakfasts as kash can be divided(shared) on: porridges of instant preparation which preparation needs only hot water or milk and 1-3 minutes of time, and porridge of fast preparation which demand short-term cooking within 3-8 minutes. Advantages kash fast preparation are obvious – there is no necessity to touch and wash groats, zamachivat' and to subject groats to long cooking, all these operations are already made beforehand. Simplicity of preparation kash enables to use this semifinished item not only in domestic kitchen, but also on work, on a summer residence or in a campaign – in those situations when special conditions for preparation of food are not present. As porridges are rich carbohydrates and kletchatkoj, microcells useful to an organism and vitamins, dieticians recommend to include in the diet of porridge for improvement of functioning of nervous, cardiovascular system, systems of digestion, a liver, improvement of a metabolism. For this reason the potential market for kash is very wide – consumers are very various, for segmentation of the market it is possible to use many criteria: geographical, social - demographic – age, formation(education), a level of incomes, an occupation, cultural values, a stage of life cycle of family. However limiting factor for increase of number of real consumers is the price of a product, taking into account an average level of incomes of the population of Russia, this product presume is far from being all potential consumers, for this reason buyers of such perspective segments, as pensioners, students, for example, are frequently cut. Therefore more often target consumers kash instant preparation are people in the age of from 26 till 50 years, having maximum(supreme) or unfinished higher education, an average / high level of incomes per one month (from 200 $ in mes.), Living in the large megacities, testing deficiency a free time, and at the same time, health caring about and health of members of the family. By results of the research which have been carried out(spent) by agency " that - Opinion ", the most important factors for consumers during fulfilment of purchase are taste (aroma, a consistence, the maintenance(contents) of sugar, the maintenance(contents) of artificial components, appearance of a
ready product) – 34 %, the price – 27 %, packing – 10 % and popularity of grocery mark – 6 %.
What marks instant dry kash today are known to the Russian manufacturer? Not absolutely it is a lot of them: porridges "Nordic", manufactures of Finnish concern " Raisio ", porridge "Quaker" manufactures Quaker Trading Ltd., Porridges "Bishop" of manufacture of Open Company " Ovsjanyj the project ", "Bystrov" companies " Si-about " (the award " the Goods of year " in a nomination " Kashi instant preparation " in 2000, the award " Brend year " in a nomination " Deducing(removing) Brenda on the market " in 2000, the First place in a nomination " the Label and Packing " on " 10-th Moscow International Festival of Advertising "), " Both - on! " St.-Petersburg company " Фотрэкс " (a medal of competition " our mark " at an exhibition "Петерфуд-2000", " the Gold medal " at VIII International food exhibition), groats of fast cooking – "Bystrov", "Angstrem" and some other marks. Has the plans for this market and Chelyabinsk macaroni factory " Макфа ". It is possible, that we become eyewitnesses of marketing war in this market.
The assortment kash is great: on versions of groats – ovsjanaja, rye, rice, buckwheat, barley, 5 cereals, under various additives – fruit (pineapple, a strawberry, a bilberry, an apple, a grapes, a peach, a blackberry, a raspberry, a banana, a cherry, raisin, a melon, a black currant, allsorts, nuts, allsorts with slivkami and so forth), Chicken, meat (the hen, a beef, a beef in tomato sauce, a beef in smetannom sauce), mushroom. Some porridges contain mineral substances and vitaminized additives in the structure.
Kashis fast preparation demanding short-term cooking, are packed up in bags for cooking (500 gr. – on 1-4 bags in a box) or in cardboard boxes (600-700 gr.), porridges of instant preparation are packed up in portsionnye bags (35-47 gr. On 10 bags in a box), in a cardboard box (210-400 gr.) .
The retail price for porridges of instant preparation varies depending on mark, its(her) positioning, a kind of flakes and a kind napolnitelja. In capital retail prices are those: porridge "Quaker" 288 gr. 70-82 roubles, porridge "Nordic" 210 gr. 40-48 roubles, "Bystrov" a bag 35 gr. 5-9 roubles.
As it was already told, the market today is at a stage of intensive growth, therefore manufacturers of strong pressure on the part of the competitors yet do not test, you see the market grows also solvent demand today suffices on everything, but it and involves in this niche all new and new manufacturers. Therefore it is necessary to reflect on presence of competitors today – the most effective and frequently the used tool is the complex of marketing: the qualitative goods attractive to the buyer, the appropriate price, good distrib'jutsija, active promotion of the goods, mark, the organization. Many manufacturers already today expand assortments aside the other goods of fast preparation – mashed potatoes, soups, flakes, develop active marketing strategy.

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