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The coffee market (ММЦ "Moscow")

The coffee market

The general(common) tendencies in the world market of coffee in grains

In the world market of coffee today crisis. Falling of the prices and change of positions of leaders - exporters testifies to a rigid conjuncture in the market. Since one summer(years) the tendency of falling of the prices is observed, and today the price was lowered(omitted) up to 0,75 $-0,8 $ for pound (the price for a green Colombian grain for a stock exchange in New York).

The share of the Brazilian coffee and in spite of the fact that Brazil has kept the position of the first country on export of coffee has decreased, but this year its(her) share in the market has fallen from traditional 25 % up to 18 % (rice. 1) Columbia earlier borrowing(occupying) 2-nd place in the world on export of coffee (10 %), tests today an economic crisis reflected on structure of export, and concedes the share of the world market to Vietnam. Alongside with the other Asian countries, businessmen of Vietnam have taken advantage of the soft loan of the World bank and have sharply increased manufacture. Partly due to this, experts predict growth of world production on 5 % (according to experts of the International association on coffee) though already now overproduction makes on a rough estimate of 26 million bags.

In Russia the market of coffee actively develops, for this reason, on data Минсельхоза the Russian Federation, import of coffee the country in 2000 has increased in 2,3-2,7 times. Large operators of the market of coffee predict the further increase of import. Earlier in structure of import of coffee to Russia the Indian coffee prevailed. But this year there will be an increase of deliveries of coffee to Russia from Brazil and Indonesia, and decrease(reduction) of deliveries from India. Because of a cancellation of privileges for the VAT on the goods imported from India, business ties with this country become less interesting.

The Russian market of soluble coffee

The Russian market of coffee differs prevalence of soluble coffee (80 %-85 %). Though recently, with growth of average incomes of the population and origin of culture of consumption of coffee in our country, traders of this market expect some growth of consumption of a coffee grain in Russia. Speed and simplicity of preparation – economy of time is one of significant factors at present Russian consumers for decision making about purchase of soluble coffee. In spite of the fact that during tastings respondents unanimously mark such lacks of soluble coffee as less expressed aroma and taste, than at coffee from a coffee grain, the smell пережареных grains, smells of "field", preference is given soluble coffee more often.

In the Russian market of soluble coffee it is totaled more than 150 marks. The most known among them Nescafe, Jacobs, Tchibo, Moccona, Elite classic, Pele, Maxwell House, Moscow кофейня on equal footing and so forth the most popular marks of soluble coffee is production of company Nestle. Especially mark Nescaffe classic – as the optimal combination of high quality and the acceptable price for the majority of the Russian buyers. Therefore for the analysis of a price situation in the market we have taken this position. The price information of monitoring of the prices for the given analysis (rice. 2.-Ó¿ß.4) was collected in different cities of the Russian Federation by employees of the regional centres of System MMTS within the framework of the project " Monitoring of the prices мелкооптовых the markets of regions of the Russian Federation ".

Initially coffee is the currency goods dependent on a dollar exchange rate. Therefore, analyzing dynamics(changes) of the prices, we can note some stability мелкооптовых the prices for 2000 (rice 2). Demand for coffee, as well as tea, has a strongly pronounced seasonal nature: recession since May till September in a season of juices, drinks, mineral water and lemonades and revival in autumn and winter months.

Dynamics(changes) of the prices since November 2000 till January, 2001, shows small burst мелкооптовых the prices for 4-6 %, is especial on an example of Vladivostok and Voronezh (rice 3). The prices on Nescaffe classic, 100 гр. Today change from 41,5 roubles (Krasnoyarsk) up to 52 roubles (Ekaterinburg), the average price on regions of the Russian Federation about 45,5 roubles.

Experts in November, 2000 predicted in the beginning of 2001 a rise in prices on coffee in the Russian market (rice 4), explaining his(its) cancellation of privileges under the VAT on the goods imported from India, and as not surprisingly, parallel revival of demand in the market.

Well-being of consumers as consequence(investigation), habits change is improved – consumers are switched from consumption of tea to coffee, from cheaper marks and grades on more expensive(dear) and элитные, frequency of consumption of coffee and the requirement to quality is increased. And there is an increase not only the market of soluble coffee, but also coffee mixes and coffee in grains. Such fact is interesting also, that as against tea, the basic place of purchase of coffee for consumers remains мелкооптовый the market though the risk of purchase of a counterfeit product in the markets is extremely great. As a whole, characteristic feature for the market of coffee considers a plenty of the goods of doubtful quality. By some estimations, down to 50 % of the market it is submitted not by the present goods. For nine months 2000 Госторгинспекция has withdrawn from sale up to 28 % of the counterfeit goods, from all checked up parties(sets). But, taking into account high rates of growth of this market, and increase of requirements of consumers to quality of production, it is possible to hope for change of consumer habits.


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