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Mayonnaise - the Russian sauce № 1 (ММЦ "Moscow")

Mayonnaise - the Russian sauce № 1

Mayonnaise is considered the most popular sauce at the Russian consumers. And it is not surprising, what exactly the market of this product appeared in the list of the few which have passed the examinations on stability during crisis in 1998. However, despite of rather high potential of the mayonnaise market, his(its) structure has strongly changed after crisis.

First, in the market the position of import production (rice 1) has shaken.

The collection of customs statistics of foreign trade the Russian Federation 1996-1999.

If before crisis the market dazzled with marks import majonezov various quality and under various, mainly low price after crisis there was an original selection of this assortment. In result in the market there were only well recommending themselves marks majonezov those foreign companies which had long-term plans in relation to the Russian market. Today these brendy in the market represent production of an expensive(a dear) target segment, and are accessible not to each Russian. The question is such mayonnaises, as Calve, Delmy (Unilever), Hellmann’s (Si-Pi-Si), Hamker (Hamker). Many of these companies plan to open or have already opened manufacture of production in territory of the Russian Federation.

Moreover, recently in the market Mayonnaise Gold manufactures South Korea has appeared, for manufacture of this product the traditional egg powder, and the present egg yolks, on melkooptovyh the markets of Moscow plastic packing of such mayonnaise in weight of 0,5 kg is used not. It is sold at the price of 40 roubles and is higher. Occurrence of this kind of mayonnaise in the market refers to in marketing " dostrojkoj a spike " or " vertical escalating of assortment " – that is occurrence in the market of the product considerably more expensive(dear) and qualitative, than his(its) market analogues. Second, for this time the domestic production majonezov has considerably grown: in 1999 growth of manufacture has made 8 % in comparison with the previous year, in 2000 – 30 % in comparison with 1999 (fig. 2.).

The data of Goskomstat.

But domestic manufacturers have borrowed(occupied) basically a cheap and average price segment of the mayonnaise market. And, right after crisis domestic manufacturers have concentrated the efforts simply on release of mayonnaise Provansal' – you see at that time a major factor of the consumer for fulfilment of purchase was the low price. Today the market began more complex(difficult): a plenty of manufacturers, a high competition, increased requirements of buyers to quality - the Russian manufacturers have felt necessity for marketing activity and in the market there are marks already known to the consumer, such as " my family " ("Petrosojuz" ", the large Village " (TD Belogor'e), "Rjaba" (NMZHK), "Monastery", production MZHK, "Relish", "Baltimore".

According to experts, capacity of the mayonnaise market of Russia – 300 thousand tons per one year. Taking into account perspectivity of the branch, there is more than attention manufacturers began to give quality of production, packing, its(her) registration and advertising support of production. Marketing actions can enable to increase to manufacturers a share in the market, but realization of this opportunity directly depends on capacities. Therefore in parallel manufacturers reflect on expansion of manufacture, for example, "Petrosojuz" finances modernization Ivanovo margarinovogo a factory, NPF " the Russian seeds " construction of several creameries plans (Prime - TASS).

Other pressing question for the manufacturer is an improvement of quality of production – for maintenance of the manufacture with the appropriate raw material, many manufacturers get the enterprises for manufacture and clearing of oil. For example, NMZHK in 1999 has got SHujsky masloekstraktsionnyj a factory and Ekaterininsky elevator.

Also disturbs manufacturers a plenty of fakes in the market, especially it concerns some mayonnaise Provansal' in bags and standard glass jars (0,25 kg). Ease of manufacture of this product makes possible opening underground manufacture, more often the technology in this case either is not observed at all or considerably simplified, and quality of end production leaves to wish the best. The greatest harm to manufacturers from similar manufactures that consumers have an inappropriate representation about quality of present production and manufacturers.

In the Russian market mayonnaise of various fat content from 25-30 % up to 80 % is submitted. And under the Russian legislation of mayonnaises and 80 % and 25 % of fat content have the right to refer to as word of "mayonnaises". Whereas in many European countries legislatively consumers are more protected from mistakes at purchasing, for example, in Germany, is legislatively established, that at fat content of 80 % the product refers to as "mayonnaise", 60 % - " salad mayonnaise ", and at fat content of 20 % only " salad sauce ".

On sale this product is submitted in Russia in various packings: glass, plastic (packages, jars, glasses, vederki), packages. Flown down frequently it is perceived by the consumer as more high quality pledge, the prices for production in glass are accordingly higher, and such mayonnaise is more often is a success at consumers with an average and high prosperity mainly in large cities. Mayonnaise in bags uses preferences of consumers due to the low price and convenience of use – the target consumer for this production is the buyer with a low and average prosperity. Plastic packing seduces buyers with an opportunity of its(her) further use, but some consumers - gourmets mark some "synthetic" smack at mayonnaise in plastic, it is possible, that partly, here plays a role psychological effect.

Usually buyers of mayonnaise are women of 25-50 years as they most frequently make purchases of food stuffs. And this product is more popular in the young families, "growing" families with children and families with higher incomes. Buyers of advanced age (> 55 years) are anxious with problems of health, a healthy feed(meal) and adhere to various diets, therefore purchases from their party(side) are more limited. For others domohozjajstv on this production there is no at all appropriate clause(article) in structure of charges of the family budget, because of the low cumulative income of many domohozjajstv in Russia.

Frequently buyers of mayonnaise use it(him) for preparation:

  • Hot sandwiches;
  • zapekanija dishes;
  • Salads;
  • Additions in soups;
  • Batches.

Retail prices for mayonnaise of 0,25 kg. Vary in territory of the Russian Federation from 3,98 in Voronezh up to 12,9 in Moscow, the average price 7-8 roubles. Dynamics(changes) of retail prices on melkooptovyh the markets in cities of the Russian Federation since November, 2000 till March 2001 is reflected on fig. 3.


Taking into account activity of manufacturers in the given branch, escalating of manufactures and a high competition it is possible to draw a conclusion on the further increase of marketing activity of manufacturers on a conclusion to the market of new marks, support of already available marks, improvement of structures of selling. The special competition in the bottom and average price segment, can result improvement of quality of a domestic production and some experience of marketing activity in an output(exit) of the Russian manufacturers in a segment of dear(expensive) production and to increase of a competition to import production in this segment.


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