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Ketchup - the Russian sauce № 2 (ММЦ "Moscow")

Ketchup - the Russian sauce № 2

The second sauce on popularity in Russia is ketchup. From Soviet times everyone remember a small plain glass jar with a red cover, so popular in those times almost unique on sale of rich Bulgarian ketchup. About other sauces, except for ketchup and mayonnaises to speak it was not necessary.

Before crisis of 1998 in the market various marks of qualitative and less qualitative tomato sauces, ketchups were much submitted. After crisis their import was sharply reduced (fig. 1.), in 1999 almost in 2 times.

The collection of customs statistics of foreign trade the Russian Federation 1996-1999.

They represented qualitative production in our market and cared not only of momentary benefit, but also about those consumers which had time to get used to their production. Many import companies had to work with the minimal trading margin, only to remain in the market and to not lose the though also small after August, 1998 a share of the market. Today import production in the market is submitted in an expensive(a dear) price range by the following marks: Heinz, Uncle Ben’s, Tobasco, Hamker. The basic buyers of these ketchups have the high income and prefer qualitative import products is not dependent on the prices, frequently this layer of the population is submitted in large cities of the Russian Federation.

Data Gullap Media.

But the greatest popularity in the Russian market domestic ketchups, the majority their which pozitsionirovano for consumers of an average and low prosperity all the same use. To such marks today it is possible to attribute(relate) Baltimore, my family, StarПом, the Source, Akmal'ko, Finist, the Gourmet, Наркомвод-1, Capital products and other. But also the Russian manufacturers expand the assortment aside more dear(expensive) and qualitative production these are marks of ketchups Khan, CHumak (Ukraine), Torchin a product (Ukraine). On fig. 2,3. Results of researches of preferences of consumers of various marks of ketchups in 1999 and 2000 are reflected. As it is possible to notice, have strengthened the positions in the market domestic ketchups: the share of the buyers preferring ketchup Baltimore has increased, have won the shares in the market new domestic marks of ketchups my family, Khan, Prestol'nyj.

However the big share of preferences of the Russian consumers while is given local regional manufacturers – the prices for local production below, and average incomes of the population of regions are much lower, than in large cities.

By results of researches of preferences of consumers of the Russian Federation by agency Gullap Media if in 1999 consumed ketchup only 59,2 % interrogated in 2000, already 62,6 %. That is the obvious tendency to increase of demand for this product. Experts estimate it the market on 250-300 thousand tons. But some of them state rather skeptical estimation of this market, explaining the position that ketchup is not an essential commodity is faster goods - addition, and average wages on Russia, taking into account a rise in prices, remains low.

In comparison with parameters for the similar period of the last year the rise in prices by the current moment has made according to monitorings System MMTS of 31 %. On fig. 4. Dynamics(changes) of the prices for ketchup in some cities of the Russian Federation for the period since November, 2000 till February, 2001 is reflected. Only for this period of the price have grown on 18 %.

For one year and for last quarter it is possible to explain similar jump of the prices and the general(common) inflation, the appropriate rise in prices on raw material, packing, the electric power and fuel. Other reason of a rise in prices can be outflow from the market of poor-quality cheap production, so popular in the Russian consumers after crisis and losing the appeal today when consumers began to reflect on quality of production more.

The retail price today on ketchups in Russia varies depending on region from 10,6 roubles (Barnaul) up to 24 roubles (Vladivostok) for 1 l. The average price for ketchup on Russia 13,4 roubles for 1 l. (the Data of monitorings of retail prices on melkooptovyh the markets of Russia of System MMTS).

Certainly, at selling ketchups and other sauces traders allocate a seasonal component, but sharp falling and peaks of demand for these goods is not observed: summer – the period of holidays, fishings and shish kebabs, winter – the period of the general(common) increase of consumption of meat, and consequently, parallel demand for ketchups and other sauces.

Experts predict:

  • Some increase of demand in the market of ketchup, in case of increase of average incomes of the population,
  • High competition between manufacturers,
  • "Washing up" of assortment due to a leaving(care) from the market of manufacturers of cheap poor-quality production and reduction of volumes of underground manufacture,
  • Vertical expansion of assortment of domestic manufacturers aside more dear(expensive) and qualitative production and saturation of already existing assortment by new kinds,
  • Improvement of quality as production, and the organization of manufacture and structure of selling of ketchups (including marketing programs) manufacturers for increase of the competitiveness in the market.


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