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Research of consumer preferences курганцев at a choice 8-ми names of products

Research of consumer preferences курганцев at a choice 8-ми names of products

At the end of August, 2002 of Joint-Stock Company of an IMC « Kurgan – Moscow », has finished the next research of consumer preferences курганцев at a choice 8-ми names of products. In research has taken part 130 person.

Rice 1 Structure of participants of interrogation under monetary incomes

On a level of incomes participants were distributed(allocated) on 7 groups which parity(ratio) can be seen on rice 1. The quantity(amount) of respondents with incomes at a rate of up to 0,75 thousand roubles has amounted to 11 %; 0,75-1,0 thousand roubles - 18 %; 1,0-1,25 thousand roubles - 22 %; 1,25-1,5 thousand roubles - 20 %; 1,5-2,0 thousand roubles - 16 %; 2,0-3,0 thousand roubles - 6 % and 3,0-4,0 thousand roubles - 7 %.

As have shown results of research, among курганцев on former mineral water "Шадринская" (37 %) uses the greatest popularity, with the big separation it(she) is followed with mineral water "Kurgan" (17 %) and "Foresters" (5 %). 19 % of respondents do not use some mineral water.

Rice 2 Consumer preferences at a choice of mineral water, %.

Among interrogated, chosen other mineral water, know even by hearsay about "Шадринской" (38 %), about "Foresters" (35,5 %) and "Kurgan" mineral water (26,5 %).

Nevertheless, having chosen "Шадринскую" mineral water, only 7 % of consumers know about concrete mark (Шадринская № 319, Шадринская-9, Шадринская-4), and firm carrying out pouring. That testifies to low awareness and orientation only on known бренд.

And again курганцы have preferred vodka "Russian", let out ШЛВЗ, interest to which was shown with 23,5 %. Less interesting for курганцев there were "Russian" (Амрита)-13 %, and vodka "Russian", manufactures КВЗ (2,0 %) and ШПВЗ (1,5 %).

Fig. 3 Consumer preferences at a choice of vodka, %

The factor of seasonal prevalence of consumption of vodka, has resulted to that rather big audience appeared among not drinking – 39 %.

"Have a little grown cold" курганцы and to "Жигулевскому" to beer. As early as half-year back, fans(amateurs) "Жигулевского" was 42 %. And now, it is in demand only at 16 % interrogated (fig. 3). The youth more and more is guided by more "untwisted" "Baltic". "Жигулевское" as however, and "Borodino", "Kurgan" и "Исетское" it is loved(favourite) at people, whose youth has fallen 60-70 г.г. The number of fans(amateurs) of " the Barley ear » was considerably reduced, interest to it(him) has amounted to 1 %.

« Kurgan – Moscow » warned of an opportunity of a similar situation of an IMC in February.

Fig. 4 Consumer preference at a choice of beer, %

The leader on popularity among meat sausage articles among курганцев – Частоозерский МК. Not only that it(he) has considerably lifted the rating up to the last leader – Юргамышского МК so in this season it(he) has bypassed it(him) on 3 items(points) (rice 5). At practically full absence of advertising, having aimed marketing strategy on lower price, Частоозерский МК has taken a leading place. Whether for a long time?

Rice 5 Consumer preferences at a choice of meat articles, %

Popularity a wine – vodka tinctures « the mountain Ash with cognac » and "Зверобой" is gradually reduced.

Rice 6 Consumer preferences at a choice a wine - vodka articles, %

As well as in a former season, the leader among manufacturers of dairy products – Шадринский the dairy combine (35,5 %), further follows Kurgan dairy combine (22 %) and Каргопольский dairy комбинат17,5 %.

The participant and the numerous winner of exhibitions, Шадринский молочно-canning combine, offers wide assortment of high-quality production.

Rice 7 Consumer preferences at a choice of dairy articles, %

Rice 8 Consumer preferences at a choice of macaroni articles, %

Due to purposeful advertising of the Chelyabinsk manufacturer of macaroni articles – "Макфа", as well as in the last season, the leading place among manufacturers is borrowed(occupied) with production of this manufacturer (56,5 %). With a huge separation in 5-9 times in a rating of popularity foreign manufacturers and Omsk macaroni factory follow Ekaterinburg.

Rice 9 Consumer preferences at a choice of confectionery articles, %

Adherence to the manufacturer and mark is traced at курганцев and concerning confectionery articles.

As before, special confectionery articles of the Ekaterinburg manufacture (32 %), Samaras (24 %) and Chelyabinsk (20 %) use popularity.

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