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Oil porridge you will not spoil (ММЦ "Moscow")

Oil porridge you will not spoil

In structure of the Russian import the butter from the countries of distant foreign countries prevails, for example, in 1999 75 kg from 100 kg of a butter was brought from the countries of distant foreign countries. To Russia such countries, as New Zealand, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Byelorussia, Ukraine are considered as the basic suppliers of a butter.

The peak of volumes of import of this product fell to 1997 when to Russia it was imported 167,4 thousand tons of this product. At once after known crisis of August, 1998 there was a postcrisis falling demand for many food stuffs, including a butter and accordingly reduction of import deliveries of a butter to Russia. Reduction of import deliveries in 1998-1999 years was accompanied by growth of consumption by Russians of cheaper production - margarinov and soft oils. In 1999 the volume of import of a butter made 37,9 thousand tons, that is only 23 % from volumes of import 1997. Past 2000 can be named critical for tendencies of the market as a whole. Import of a butter this period has grown on 41 % in comparison with 1999 and has made 53,5 thousand tons (fig. 1.).

The collection of customs statistics of foreign trade the Russian Federation 1996-1999.

Than the butter from so popular today margarinov and soft oils differs? These products differ with the structure. At structure of a butter there are animal fats (for example, fat content of country oil should be not less than 72,5 %). Margariny and soft oils incorporate or only vegetative fats, or a mix of vegetative and animal fats. And if on GOSTu fat content margarinov for sandwiches of 62-82 % the soft oils made on THOSE, can contain and 60 % and 40 % of fat. It involves the consumers observing low-calorie diets. But the basic advantage margarinovoj production in the low maintenance(contents) of cholesterol. Advantage of a butter is presence in his(its) structure of mineral substances, lactoses, vitamins And, D, E, In. The butter is more useful for children and people, suffering diseases of a liver.

In spite of the fact that consumption of a butter by the population of Russia continues to fall, it all the same exceeds the European parameters, where to a butter prefer easy margariny (less than 60 % of fat content) and hal'variny (about 35 % of fat content). However in the Russian industrial market demand for a butter is active, you see animal oil is used both in a confectioner's shop, and in dairy production.

The assortment of a butter in the consumer market today is great, but quality of many is low. Quality at manufacturers who let out production without mark especially suffers. The marks of a butter most popular in the Russian consumers is oil Ankor, Dojarushka, the President, Vologda, Valio, the small House in a village, oil Country and Domestic also is popular. However by results of the test of magazine " demand " only three of ten tested marks correspond(meet) to the standard on all checked up parameters, these are such marks, as Vologda, Ankor and the President.

The given Ministries of Agriculture of the Russian Federation –

Wholesale - holiday on a butter for April, 2001 changed on regions of the Russian Federation from 36 roubles for kg. (the Zapadno-Siberian area) up to 102,8 roubles for kg (the Ural area). The lowest wholesale prices for a butter in Zapadno-Siberian, North Caucasian, Central Black Earth, Northern and Volga region areas (fig. 2.).


Retail prices in 2000 changed from 38 up to 65 roubles for kg the average price for kg of a butter 49,5 roubles, that 2 % is higher than the prices for 1999. (fig. 3.). Seasonal falling of demand for a butter falls to years(summer) months and the beginning dawn – upon July, August, September. Demand an autumn and in the winter – a season of a batch and intensive domestic cookery grows.


From the beginning of 2001 some jump of retail prices was marked (fig. 4.) which has fallen to January and the beginning of February, then retail prices were a little stabilized, though already for this period the average price for kg of a butter (54,9 roubles) has increased by 11 % in comparison with average indices for 2000. In April the floor price for a butter was in Tula and Ulyanovsk – 38 roubles for kg, maximal in Rostov – 70 roubles for kg.

Taking into account, that various systems of a healthy feed(meal) today are popular, and the majority of consumers of average and advanced age watch(keep up) a level of cholesterol in blood, preferring thereof margariny as a product containing vegetative fats, consumption of a butter by Russians decreases. The consumer market of a butter is in a condition of stagnation and struggle for the buyer with manufacturers of soft oils and margarinov, therefore and the competition between manufacturers of a butter is high. And time the competition is high, it is necessary to expect improvement of quality of production and quality of systems of promotion.


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