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Sour-milk and other dairy products in the Russian market

Sour-milk and other dairy products in the Russian market

Sour-milk products is a separate segment of the market of dairy products, which volumes are increased very quickly today. You see sour-milk products today become more and more popular among consumers, due to active advertising and popularization of a healthy way of life, and accordingly, correct and balanced diet.

The share of import production on this market also is still great. For example, in 2001 to Russia there were imported about 50 thousand tons of sour-milk production. The basic suppliers of this group of food stuffs to Russia are the entrepreneurs of Germany and Poland. And about 20 thousand tons are exported from Russia to such countries, as Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan.

Data of SSC of the Russian Federation

All products of the given category differ on structure of the raw material used for their preparation: it can be pasterized milk or cream or dried milk or cream. Other parameter is the content of fat in the product: from 0 % (dietary product) up to 40 % (cream, sour cream). The high content of fat automatically ascribe the production to a class of premium quality, due to quality and high cost of production.

The price situation in this market is stable enough and predicted, a small rise in prices (10-15 %) is in winter and first spring months, in this period the deficiency of dairy raw material for the market has an effect, in the summer and autumn the price situation is stabilized.

Data of ММS.

For example, in May, 2002 a medium retail price for 1 kg of sour cream, on data of ММS, reached 38,2 roubles / kg., whereas in November it was lowered up to 34,5 roubles / kg.

Data of ММS.

Similar situation is with medium retail prices for cottage cheese, in April, 2002 – about 11-11,2 roubles, in October – 9,2 roubles / kg.

Data of ММS.

Today the retail price for sour cream changes from 20,00 up to 60,00 roubles / kg., with the medium price in area of 35,00 roubles / kg, on cottage cheese – from 8,00 up to 12,00 roubles / kg, with the medium price in area 10,00 roubles / kg.

Data of ММS.

As a whole, the given market is perspective, and far from saturation, due to parallel growth of consumer preference of production of the given segment.


Alena Rodina

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