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"Вкусности" to tea. The Russian market рулетов and fruitcakes.

"Вкусности" to tea. A part 1. The Russian market рулетов and fruitcakes.

« What to buy to tea? » – even once a week it is necessary to be set to this question to the majority of Russians. And frequently as the best way out the fruit swiss roll or a fruitcake, the blessing gets out what to choose now it is possible on any taste. Рулеты and the fruitcakes packed into bright colourful packages for a long time already are one of the most popular delicacies to the tea, won the love at the Russian consumer thanking, first of all, to reasonable prices and riches of assortment. According to the interrogation which has been carried out(spent) by company TNS Gallup Media of 43,2 % of inhabitants of Russia than 16 years even times for last half-year are more senior consumed рулеты and fruitcakes, and - bought 34,9 %.

Flour confectionery articles to which concern рулеты and fruitcakes, make one of the largest segments of the Russian confectionery market on sales volumes. Therefore interest to it(him) on the part of investors is very great, that speaks as well high profitability of manufacture of a similar kind of production.

For this segment of the market typically small presence of the specialized manufacturers, that is the companies specializing on release only the given kind of production. Basically production is made by small bakeries and bakeries, some big confectionery factories also let out рулеты or fruitcakes for a change assortments.

To the largest manufacturers having in the assortment рулеты and fruitcakes, concern group of companies Harry, s, opened the manufacture in situated near Moscow city of Solnechnogorske and letting out production under the trade mark « Dan Cake » and Russian company « Russian biscuit », which manufacture settles down in the Vologda area, in city of Cherepovets. Also it is possible to name Open Society " Пекарь " – the largest petersburg manufacturer рулетов and fruitcakes. Besides it is necessary to mention the manufacturer рулетов under one of the most popular trade marks "Tornado" the petersburg company « Чупа Чупс ».

Capacities on release of swiss rolls of the company « Russian biscuit » after opening in 2002 of a new line began to amount to about 2 thousand tons per one month, capacities on release of fruitcakes up to 1 thousand tons per one month also were increased.

The most widespread packing for рулетов be(show) 200 - 300 г, for fruitcakes – 250 – 300. The prices on рулеты change within the limits of 14-23 roubles for standard packing. The prices for fruitcakes little bit above also make 17-28 roubles for standard packing. Wholesale prices on рулеты make 10 – 12 roubles, on fruitcakes 11 – 14 roubles.

A variety of the versions submitted at present in the market рулетов and fruitcakes is capable to satisfy the most exacting consumer. So, for example, by company « Russian biscuit » is issued 8 versions 300-gramme рулетов (apricot, cherry, strawberry, cranberry, citric, тигровый, a black currant and chocolate), 8 versions 200-gramme рулетов (каппучино, a cream - брюле, a wood berry, a raspberry, мокко, a bilberry, тоффи and a strawberry with сливками) and 8 versions of fruitcakes (apricot, cherry, strawberry, marble, nut, chocolate, Jamaica, apple). Also it is an example not the biggest assortment, some other companies offer even more various production.

The share of import the market рулетов and fruitcakes is insignificant and for last years was strongly reduced. According to Customs committee of the Russian Federation of all in 2002 to Russia it was imported almost 5,5 thousand tons various рулетов and fruitcakes for the sum more than 4 million $. First three places on volumes of import borrow(occupy) Germany (1,8 thousand т, well the sum 1,1 million $), Bulgaria (1,1 thousand т, well the sum 650 thousand $) and Poland (0,9 thousand т, well the sum 550 thousand $). On the diagram 1 shares of the largest of ten countries - importers of swiss rolls and fruitcakes to Russia on results of 2002 are submitted.

The diagram 1.
The largest countries - importers of swiss rolls and fruitcakes in 2002.

Summed up it is possible to tell, that now the Russian market рулетов and fruitcakes dynamically develops, that in many respects promoted by the positive tendencies concerning growth of well-being of the population. Experts predict the further growth of this segment of the market which will be characterized, however, by toughening of a competition, occurrence of new players and new products.

Ермошкина Å., conducting expert - маркетолог of an IMC "Moscow" e-mail:

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