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In the Russian market of millet

In the Russian market of millet

The millet porridge since olden times is one of the basic Russian dishes and if it is also cooked in Russian oven, with a ruddy crust, it could be considered a delicacy. However now far from all people know, from what plant this groats is extracted.

Millet, namely from its grain the millet cereals is made, grows in many regions of Russia. Now it is produced, basically, only one kind of millet – polished – the kernel of millet separated from a flower pellicle, a germ, fruit and seed membranes, and also in part from aleurone layer. One of qualitative characteristics of the polished millet is its color. Millet of brightly yellow color has the best consumer qualities, rather than more light.

Earlier also other kind of millet - the millet - dranets - also was manufactured, released only from a flower membrane. Also at processing of millet as by-products fodder millet, muchel (smaller particles) and parts of flower coats (according to Open Society « Grocery goods and mineral waters ») are received.

According to Goskomstat of the Russian Federation, in 2001 in Russia there were produced about 82,8 thousand tons of millet, that has amounted to only 63% from volume of millet release in 2000. The reason of such reduction was the bad crop of millet in basic millet-growing regions. In 2001 the quantity of the Russian regions – manufacturers of millet was reduced from 32 in 2000 up to 27, when the release of millet in the Astrakhan, Chelyabinsk areas, Kabardino-Balkarian, Udmurt Republics and Tatarstan was completely stopped. Thus among regions – leaders appreciable reduction of volumes also was observed. So, in the Orenburg area release of millet was reduced to 20,8 % in comparison with 2000, in the Voronezh area – by 48,1 %; in Altai territory – by 44,6 %; in the Volgograd area – by 50,3 %. Among the regions, largest manufacturers of millet included into ten, in 2001 the volume has increased only in the Rostov area (by 2,9 %), in Bryansk area (by 20 %), and also in Stavropol territory (by 22,8 %).

Distribution of total amount of millet release on regions of the Russian Federation in 2001 is represented by the diagram 1.

The diagram 1.

* According to Goskomstat of the Russian Federation

The data on volume of manufacture of millet in the listed regions of the Russian Federation in 2001 are given in table 1.

Table 1.
Region Volume of manufacture in 2001, tons
The Orenburg area 11721
The Voronezh area 10372
The Rostov area 10753
Altai territory 9623
The Volgograd area 8101
Bryansk area 6685
The Saratov area 6382
Lipetsk area 4727
Republic Bashkortostan 2581
Stavropol territory 2214
The Tambov area 1564
The Penza area 1463
The Samara area 1426
The Belgorod area 1282
The Oryol area 1130
Other regions 2756

* According to Goskomstat of the Russian Federation

Bad crop of millet and, accordingly, decrease of stocks of millet, have an effect for a rise in prices. However cost of millet, and also other "ignoble" groats can change in very insignificant interval, as the top border of the prices is limited to cost of groats "noble" (rice, buckwheat), otherwise demand for millet will be absent, and bottom – by the cost price of raw material.

As a rule, the prices for groats up to the summer period raise a little in connection with that last year's stocks of raw material come to an end. On the diagram 2 the tendency of change of the prices for millet in the wholesale markets in some regions of the Russian Federation from the beginning of 2003 up to the summer period is shown.

The diagram 2.

* According to Goskomstat of the Russian Federation

In the prospects the prices in the market of millet in many respects will depend on a condition of a new crop, and also on the opportunity of import of cheap foreign raw material.

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