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In the Russian market of rice

In the Russian market of rice

During a theme of groats we shall consider the situation which has been usual in the Russian market of fig.

Rice is applied at preparation of set of culinary dishes. Allocate two basic kinds: ground (there is no fruit environment, however in part there is a germ and the rests of a seed environment) and polished (completely cleared, smooth to the touch) (according to Open Society « the Grocery goods and mineral waters »).

Rice – culture special, demanding, in comparison with more unpretentious cereals, a damp, warm and solar climate. Therefore the quantity(amount) of the Russian regions - manufacturers of rice, is rather insignificant, in comparison, for example, with the regions which are letting out millet. The countries with the appropriate environment borrowing(occupying) leading positions on world(global) export of rice, are Thailand, India and Vietnam. The Russian market of rice is essentially dependent from import. So, according to the State Customs Committee, in 1999 it was imported 558 thousand т. Rice, in 2000 - 450 thousand т. Fig. the General share of imported rice in the Russian market in 2000, according to the State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation, has made about 70 %. The big volume of import has resulted in overstocking the market, and the prices for groats have considerably decreased. For support of domestic manufacturers the question on an establishment of a quota on import of rice, and also increase of the customs was lifted.

In 2001 the situation was essentially leveled in comparison with 1999-2000 when the Russian manufacturers were compelled to sell rice more cheaply cost prices. The total amount of manufacture of rice in the Russian regions in 2001, according to Goskomstat of the Russian Federation, has reached(achieved) 206282 т., that has made 109,9 % of volume of the previous year.

The share of the basic Russian regions – manufacturers of rice is submitted on the diagram 1.

The diagram 1.

* According to Goskomstat of the Russian Federation

The largest Russian region – the manufacturer of rice is Krasnodar territory. In 2001 his(its) share among other regions of the Russian Federation has made 91,4 %.

In comparison with 2000, the volume of release of rice in Krasnodar territory in 2001 has increased, according to Goskomstat of the Russian Federation, on 11,5 %. In second-largest volume of manufacture region though it(he) considerably concedes to Krasnodar territory, Astrakhan area, there was a decrease(reduction) of release on 33,8 %. In the Rostov area the volume of manufacture has increased by 24,6 %, in Primorski Krai – on 41,9 %, and the maximal increase has fallen to the Volgograd area - to 70,3 %.

Dynamics(changes) of the prices for rice in some regions of the Russian Federation in 2001 is given on the diagram 2 where it is visible, that at the stage of the price given temporarily remained stable enough. (In calculation grades of rice from a high price category) do not undertake.

The diagram 2.

* According to System MMTS

For comparison of the data to the situation which has been usual in the Russian market of rice now, on the diagram 3 price parameters for the similar period of 2003 are given.

The diagram 3.

* According to System MMTS

Under the diagram it is visible, that the prices for rice remain stable enough. And feature of the Russian market of rice is, that consumers in the greater degree react to change of the prices, than in a number of the countries where rice is one of the basic dishes, and at increase of the prices for rice can refuse him(it) for the benefit of other groats or a potato.

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