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In the Russian market гречки

In the Russian market гречки

During a theme of groats we shall consider the market гречки. Гречиха - culture rather whimsical and difficult in cultivation, thus its(her) average crop is rather low. However because of the flavouring and nutritious qualities she(it) has won rather high recognition among consumers.

Distinguish two basic kinds of the groats produced from гречихи, – ядрица and has passed. Ядрица consists of the whole nucleus гречихи, has passed – from nucleus, расколотых on a part. More often these kinds of buckwheat groats are issued from пропаренной and dried гречихи (according to Open Society « the Grocery goods and mineral waters »).

The Russian market гречки practically is completely formed due to own manufacture. In 2001 the total amount of release of buckwheat groats, according to Goskomstat of the Russian Federation, has made about 241490 т., that on 8,44 % more than the appropriate parameter for the previous year. The basic regions – manufacturers гречки are submitted on the diagram 1.

The diagram 1.

* According to Goskomstat of the Russian Federation

Approximately the fifth part of made volume of buckwheat groats in the Russian Federation falls to Altai territory where in 2001 release has increased by 52 % in comparison with 2000. The essential increase of volumes of manufacture of buckwheat groats was observed in all basic regions – manufacturers. So, in the Tula area for the appropriate period, according to Goskomstat of the Russian Federation, the gain has made 30 %, Bryansk – 47,4 %, Oryol – 7,2 %, Orenburg – 45,3 %, Republic Tatarstan – 61,1 %, the Rostov area – 19,8 %.

However in regions with a smaller share from the all-Russian release decrease(reduction) of volumes was observed. So, in the Voronezh area this parameter has decreased on 27,7 %, Volgograd – on 6,3 %, Ulyanovsk – on 42,1 %, Republic Bashkortostan – on 51,6 %.

As a whole, the situation in the market гречки was essentially leveled in comparison with the period of 2000 when as a result of overproduction гречихи the prices for the given groats have appreciablly decreased, however the subsequent improvement of a price situation has made commercial operations with buckwheat groats more attractive.

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