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" Three nutlets " (ММЦ "Moscow")

" Three nutlets " for Russia

Back the Soviet consumers knew in total decade only gretsky, wood, cedar and a peanut, and what situation in the Russian nut market now? Assortment of this market on sale unknown earlier for consumers of a pistachio, a filbert, kesh'ju, the almonds, a coco today was filled, have appeared. All this assortment of nuts is delivered on the Russian market from China, India, Iran, Vietnam, USA, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Georgia. As the majority of the listed nuts do not grow in territory of Russia, and are actively imported, the market frequently reflects changes in the world market of nuts, and volumes of import of this production today aspire to pre-crisis parameters. In figure 1 dynamics(changes) of import of the grocery group containing nuts and nut production, in 1999 as we can see is submitted, import has fallen on 50 %, but already in the past 2000, has made 75 % from a level of 1997. The collection of customs statistics of foreign trade the Russian Federation 1996-2000. The prevailing share of production is delivered from the countries of distant foreign countries, the share of import the countries of the CIS averages for 1997-2000 of 12,5 %, but in 1999, 2000, probably for the account of lower prices for production and transport charges, the share of fruits and the nuts delivered from near foreign countries, has increased up to 15 % (fig. 2,3). The collection of customs statistics of foreign trade the Russian Federation 1996-2000. The volume and structure of export of production of same grocery group are reflected on rice. 4, and the situation here return – with a small separation prevails a share of deliveries in the countries of the CIS which on the average for the considered(examined) period makes 52-55 %, in 2000 she(it) has increased up to 60 %. The collection of customs statistics of foreign trade the Russian Federation 1996-2000. In the market nut production is submitted in the cleared and crude kind. Hygienic requirements, it is especial to cleared imported production are very high. You see nuts are subject to fungoid diseases which can result in growth of the toxic substances harmful to the person, and also nuts frequently are carriers lichinok harmful insects, for example, lichinok kaprovogo the bug. It results in some features at transportation and storage of this production, for example, before transportation a party(set) of nuts necessarily process special substance from harmful insects, and the hygienic control of imported nuts is very strict, you see some insects and diseases to find out in the big party(set) uneasily, especially if diseases have ochagovyj character. Quality of imported nuts variously, and on different production is the buyer, for example, for manufacturers of confectioner's shops, chocolate, bakery products and frozen – requirements to quality of nuts are insignificant, you see more often they buy nuts on razmol. There are the certain characteristics reflecting quality of a nut, is a calibre, humidity, softness, taste, aroma. These parameters depend on a place of growth of a nut, weather conditions during growth, and also conditions of storage and transportation of production. According to experts, the nut market of Russia is estimated at 40-60 $ one million, and within one year the market is increased approximately by 10 %, it is obvious, that the market is perspective. Demand in the nut market tests strong dependence on such economic force, as a standard of living of the population as nuts are making components of the foodstuff which is not being essential commodities. And the bag of ready nutlets faster pulse or supplementing (to beer) the goods, demand on which depends on a standard of living of the buyer, the it(he) is higher, the is more easy and fastly made a decision on purchase. Also on demand renders strong influence the cultural factors determining habits of consumers, culture of consumption of food and drinks. The most popular nuts at the Russian consumers are walnuts, a peanut (fig. 5.), Pistachioes, a wood nut. Nut production finds clients both on industrial and on consumer the markets. In the industrial market are confectionery factories, bakeries, manufacturers of ice-cream, dairy products. Industrial packing – bags on 50 kg. A wholesale price for a peanut 0,7-0,8 USD. For everyone assortimentnoj positions in the consumer market there is a target segment of buyers. Today due to active marketing strategy of companies - manufacturers of beer, this drink became very popular, and accordingly, demand for a salty peanut and pistachioes has grown. But more often target consumers of nuts are children and women. For this segment such products, as a peanut in yoghurt, a peanut sweet, a peanut in sugar glaze, a peanut in coconut juice, a peanut in the test, a filbert in chocolate, a filbert in yoghurt and other are focused. Consumer packing – plastic lotochki 100-200 gr., bags 30-50 gr. In the market it is totaled about 50 marks of nutlets, among them: Amro, Pino, Emarko, Salut, U2, Lagris, Planters, Tan-Tan, Baltic, the Red bull, the polar Bear, the Pirate, Bochkarev, Afanasy, That is necessary!, the Piranha, Finnat, the Clown, ZHiko. In packings, trade marks, than marks - manufacturers more often are inherent in nutlets. A wholesale price for the packed peanut 1,5-1,75 roubles for a bag in weight 30 gr., a retail price from 3,5 roubles. The margin of packing up companies is low – 5-10 %, and in a retail network the margin sometimes makes up to 50 %. Experts predict to this market the further growth and development as the market is not so sated yet, consumers not always own the sufficient information on production, sellers of retail points specify, that buyers frequently confuse names of nuts. And with growth of well-being of the population demand both on traditional and on more expensive(dear) nuts – pistachioes, a filbert, kesh'ju will grow. With growth of the market the increase of number of marks and a branded competition and consequently, force of tender of the buyer, consumer requirements to quality of nuts, packings, information, distrib'jutsii will increase, communications and to the price for a ready product is predicted. 28.08.2001. Alena the native Land.
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