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" Cold sweets ". A part 1

« Cold sweets ». A part 1

Summer was finished – the most intense is time for all participants of the market мороженного. Time to sum up, you see how have passed these some months, much depends very much.

The market мороженного in Russia can be attributed(related) to one of most dynamically developing. However, as well as in any other branch there is also a number(line) of problems, some of which result in a leaving(care) of players from the market.

Let's consider the general(common) parameters of development of the Russian market мороженного last years. Almost all production submitted in the market, is made by the domestic enterprises. Import does not borrow(occupy) some an appreciable niche in the Russian market, his(its) share makes only 0,9 – 1 % from total amount.

On the diagram 1 dynamics(changes) of manufacture мороженного in Russia in 1999-2002 years is submitted according to official statistics. Results of 2002 did not become unexpectedness, as well as was predicted, volumes of manufacture have increased in comparison with the previous year and have reached(achieved) 376,2 thousand tons. It on 3,4 % is more, than in 2001.

The diagram 1. Dynamics(changes) of manufacture мороженного in Russia in 1999-2002 years (given ГКС the Russian Federation).

Apparently from the given data, since 2000, the positive tendency of growth of volumes of manufacture is constantly observed. However at present parameters of volumes of manufacture still have not reached a level the beginning 90 when was issued about 450 thousand tons мороженного per one year. Capacities of the Russian enterprises allow to let out per one year twice more than this sweet product, but at present consumption has not reached yet such level.

In Russia consumption мороженного one of the lowest in the world also makes only 2,5 kg per one year on one person. While in Europe this parameter in many countries exceeds 7 kg. Only growth of well-being of the population will promote increase of consumption. As cost мороженного at us in the country also one of the lowest in the world. For example, in Germany cost 100 gramme рожка begins from 1,5 Euros (about 50 roubles), эскимо costs(stands) more than 2 Euros (about 70 roubles). The price for the cheapest мороженное – frozen fruit juice does not fall below 1 Euros.

On the diagram 2 distribution of manufacture мороженного on regions of Russia in the first quarter 2003 (January - March) is submitted according to official statistics. In total in this period it was made 64,7 thousand tons of this product, that on 3,7 % it is more in comparison with the similar period of the last year. On the first place on manufacture Moscow. In the first quarter 2003 in capital it was issued 8 thousand tons мороженного. On the second place there is an Omsk area – 6 thousand tons. Not strongly lags behind it(her) and the Moscow area – 5,5 thousand tons. However on results of year this distribution can exchange.

The diagram 2. Volumes of manufacture мороженного on regions of Russia in January, - March 2003 (given ГКС the Russian Federation).

In the Russian market мороженного the nearest 2-3 years preservation of existing tendencies of growth is predicted. However significant change of structure of participants of the market quite can. Under forecasts of experts there will be a gradual absorption of the fine companies by larger. Accordingly, the quantity(amount) of the companies making мороженное can be reduced in some times.

In the following review consideration of this theme will be continued.

Ермошкина Å., conducting expert - маркетолог ММЦ "Moscow" e-mail:

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