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" Cold sweets ". A part 2

« Cold sweets ». A part 2

In the today's review the theme which was considered(examined) last time will be continued and concerned the market мороженного.

In the previous review the general(common) parameters of manufacture of ice-cream in Russia lately were considered. We shall consider now little bit in more detail the Moscow market of ice-cream.

What occurs in the Moscow market of ice-cream? All basic tendencies inherent in the last year were kept, not looking on attempts of the main participants of the market something to change in this situation. The main tendency causing strong anxiety Moscow хладокомбинатов is a proceeding reduction of a share of the Moscow manufacturers of ice-cream both on Moscow, and in the regional markets.

Last time we cited the data of release мороженного on areas on results of the first quarter 2003. Moscow though still also keeps лидерские positions, but dynamics(changes) unfavourable. On results of the first half-year 2003 manufacture of ice-cream by the Moscow companies was reduced to 13 % in comparison with the similar period of the last year. While, for example, the Moscow area for the same period has on the contrary increased the manufacture by 60 %. As a whole on the Central region the positive statistics also is observed. On results of the first half-year 2003 manufacture of ice-cream was increased by 27 % in comparison with the similar period of the previous year. And it that summer this year was very cold, accordingly and consumption of ice-cream has not reached(achieved) even a usual level for this season.

The largest manufacturer of ice-cream – Moscow company " Айс-Фили " has some difficulties with Russia in connection with the next change of authority at combine and continues to reduce output. An empty niche the regional companies having lower cost price of let out production and accordingly having at once have filled in an opportunity to sell the ice-cream under lower price.

Ice-cream can be attributed(related) to one of the most democratic products. To buy стаканчик this creamy delicacy people even with the lowest incomes presume to themselves, you see his(its) price is comparable to cost of one trip on public transport. As follows from the data submitted on the diagram 1, on the contrary, most part of buyers of ice-cream people with the low income make.

A significant variety of the marks submitted in the market allows each consumer to choose ice-cream on the taste. However the most popular still have ice-cream in стаканчике, and both among youth and children, and among people more advanced age. Not last role at definition of such choice the price, certainly, is. Стаканчик traditionally remains the cheapest kind of ice-cream. But also so that simply to get rid of a habit which has remained from Soviet times not.

But though manufacturers also try to offer the greatest number of various kinds of production to the buyer, consumption of ice-cream in the country practically is not increased. Novelties are perceived with a fair share of scepticism and people prefer to buy first of all traditional мороженное (стаканчик, рожок, батончик) with traditional names of known manufacturers.

The diagram 1. Structure of buyers of ice-cream on доходу.*

* - according to research which was carried out(spent) by company " that - Опинион " in Saint Petersburg.

As already it was mentioned last time, experts predict preservation the nearest 3-5 years of existing tendencies of growth of the Russian market of ice-cream which will make 3-5 % per one year. Plans for development of the basic manufacturers can testify to prospects of development of the market the nearest years мороженного.

For example, Barnaul company « Russian cold » which actively wins both Moscow, and the regional markets, enters in Moscow new factory on manufacture of ice-cream by capacity about 24 thousand tons of ice-cream per one year, that, probably, will deduce(remove) the company on new heights.

Many other manufacturers of ice-cream also declare planned increase of volumes of manufacture, opening of new shops, re-equipment old, introduction of new products etc. So the market of ice-cream lives and actively develops and has good prospects of development.

Ермошкина Å., conducting expert - маркетолог ММЦ "Moscow" e-mail:

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