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Import cheeses in Russia

Import cheeses in Russia

In the today's review the question will be the import cheeses making basically all cheese assortment of the maximum(supreme) price category in the Moscow shops.

As it was already mentioned in the previous review of tradition of consumption of cheese in Russia considerably differ from western. In many respects it is defined(determined) by flavouring predilections of inhabitants of the different countries. So, in Russia cheeses of firm grades, soft cheeses and cheeses with a mould so loved(liked,favourite) in the western countries practically use the greatest popularity are not familiar to the Russian consumer. Only in the last some years gradually start to be increased consumption of these kinds of cheeses. While basically in Moscow and some other large cities which inhabitants are least conservative in the habits and are most subject to the western influence, and also, that it is important, when the question is about expensive(dear) деликатесных products, have higher incomes.

To Moscow the most part of sales of the cheeses concerning the maximum(supreme) price category (more than 800 roubles for kg) is necessary about 40-45 % of all sales of soft cheeses, and also.

In the last review it was already mentioned, that the share of import production makes in the Russian market about 25-30 %. So, on results of 2002 the share of import total amount of consumed production has made 31,6 %. Now we shall consider more in detail, what structure of import, that is what kinds of cheeses, in what quantity(amount) and import what countries.

Apparently from the data submitted on the diagram 1 dynamics(changes) of import of cheese to Russia in last years has the well defined positive tendency.

The diagram 1. Dynamics(changes) of import of various kinds of cheeses to Russia, thousand tons.

According to the State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation of all into Russia in 2002 it was imported about 135 thousand tons of various kinds of cheese. In import of cheeses deliveries from distant foreign countries prevail, therefrom is imported about 65 % of all cheese. As to export his(its) volumes are very insignificant and make less than 1 % from total of made production.

On results of 2001 leaders by quantity(amount) of the imported cheese of steel with the big separation from other countries Germany and Ukraine. Their shares in total amount of import have made accordingly 30 % and 27 %. Distribution of shares of import other countries is given on the diagram 2.

The diagram 2. Structure of import of cheese to Russia on countries - importers in 2001.

To элитным to grades of cheese basically blue cheeses (with a mould) concern. The basic suppliers of such cheese is a France and Germany. Such marks as "Roquefort cheese", « Сент Агюр », « Дор Блю » are most known in Russia. On the today's moment some kinds of similar cheese consider the debt to have each supermarket respecting in ассортименты even.

By the way, western сыровары have started to build in Russia the factories. According to analysts of Institute of a conjuncture of the agrarian market, in regions small Italian cheese-making factories have appeared many. The Italian investors were involved first of all with cheapness of raw material and a labour.

Domestic manufacturers can not offer production yet, under qualitative characteristics coming nearer to western. Popularity of the Russian cheeses speaks first of all cheapness and traditional, habitual to the consumer taste. And such segment of the market as expensive(dear) деликатесные cheeses while it is completely borrowed(occupied) only with the foreign companies. Accordingly, to our companies quite is where to develop.

Ермошкина Å., conducting expert - маркетолог ММЦ "Moscow" e-mail:

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