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In the Russian market of aerated water

In the Russian market of aerated water

Today's article is devoted to the review of the market of aerated soft drinks. Though the given theme would be more actual in the summer period, aerated water will be also on tables of many families during the New Year's holidays, especially where there are children. Besides for example, Coca-Cola specially carries out the advertising campaigns before Christmas.

Nevertheless, by results of the carried out researches, on volumes of consumption of nonalcoholic aerated production is essentially influenced on by the factor of seasonal prevalence.

So, according to company "Bobymex", consumption of lemonades and Cola in the period from June till August is increased by 200 – 300 % though the share of direct consumers thus, according to researches, grows approximately only by 10 %, i.e. growth of volumes occurs, basically, due to the factor of intensity of consumption of aerated drinks.

Aerated water is one of traditional soft drinks, from the childhood the Russians know the taste of lemonade, "Tarkhun" or "Baikal".

In the given market two basic price segments are allocated: rather expensive "import" drinks (Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Mirinda, etc.) and « domestic aerated water », for people with the lower income. However not every consumer knows now, whose drink he gets, as there are also series of cheaper drinks which are let out by known world manufacturers, and the aerated water of the Russian manufacturers with prices close to prices for production of the foreign companies.

Let's stop in more detail on the basic players of the Russian market of nonalcoholic aerated drinks. If some more years back in the given market there were a plenty of manufacturers, and the buyer, basically, was guided by taste of drink, not on trade marks, now it is already possible to speak about segmentation of the market where alongside with the companies-world leaders there have appeared also a number of the Russian enterprises.

Among the basic players first of all it is necessary to note such manufacturers as Coca-Cola and PepsiCo.

Coca-Cola legally conducts the activity in Russia since 1991. Practically everubody knows its production – Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite. The first factory of this company was built in Moscow in 1994, now more than ten Russian enterprises in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions belong to it. However the post-crisis period has forced to reorient the direction, and the company deduced the production of an average price segment under brand "Fruktime" with taste traditional for Russians: "Duchess", "Tarkhun","Buratino", etc.

PepsiCo cooperates with Russia rather for a long time, its drinks also are well-known – Pepsi-Cola, 7-UP, Mirinda. The first factory on manufacture of « Pepsi-Cola » in Russia (the Novorossisk factory) was opened in 1974. Now the given company has some factories in territory of the Russian Federation (in St.Petersburg, Samara, Ekaterinburg and so forth)

PepsiCo also lets out production of a middle price segment under mark "Fiesta", which advertising is well known by Russians.

To the largest players of the Russian market of aerated drinks can be concerned holding "Ranova" ("anova", Natur). The holding includes 3 companies: Ranova – Pokrova (the Vladimir area), Ranova – Spas (Sergiev Posad) and Ranova – Red (Krymsk). The enterprise produces more than 50 kinds of soft drinks, production of Ranova is widely represented in the Russian market.

Joint-Stock Company «OST - Aqua» (Chernogolovka), included in holding « Group of the Enterprises OST », lets out drinks under brand « Drinks from Chernogolovka ». One of features of the given production is that it is spilled in glasswares, whereas the majority of kinds of aerated water are in PAT – containers.

Also, according to research company ASNielsen, the largest players companies " КS " ("Elite-Cola", "КS") ", Best-Bottling » (RC Cola, Kick), "Master" ("Master", RC Cola), MPBK "Ochakovo", known for the beer, but letting out also soft drinks under brand «Ah!»

By estimation of АСNielsen, in 2002 the volume of retails has reached 1,7 billion litres, that is about 18,9 billion roubles in cost expression that testifies to the positive tendency in the given market:

The diagram 1.

The diagram 2.

So, in 2002 growth of the given market, according to this research company, amounted to approximately 5 % on volume and 20 % on cost of sales. Under the forecasts of experts, the basic struggle in future will be in the average price segment.

Besides, strengthening of competition will be possible on the part of other soft drinks – juices and mineral water, which share in the market of soft drinks last years is notably increasing. The consumers having more high level of income, recently refuse the aerated drinks containing carbonic acid and substitutes of sugar, and pass to products more useful to health.

On the part of the companies-manufacturers of aerated drinks the responses are already observed. It is, firstly, release of juice-containing drinks with lower level of aeration (juice-containing lemonades "Juictim" ("Ochakovo"), etc.), positioning of traditional drinks from the point of view of natural and useful (for example, manufacture of "Tarkhun" on the basis of 60 % herbaceous extract), and, besides, coming out to the adjacent markets (outlet by company Coca-Cola of potable water BonAqua and juices Minute Maid, PepsiCo - mineral water Aqua Minerale).

The future will show, whether the new kinds of drinks can win a recognition of consumers and and how dangerous is the competition on the part of the adjacent markets, much will depend on growth of a level of population incomes.

Lily Gamazkova, expert on marketing of the IMC "Moscow" E-mail:

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