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Карамельный the market in Russia (ММЦ "Moscow")

Karamel'nyj the market in Russia

Using as criterion the standard classification of foodstuff, in the confectionery market it is possible to allocate a segment of flour confectionery products and a segment of sugar confectionery products. Sweets concern to sugar confectionery products, fruit candy, a fruit candy, halvah, a zephyr, an iris, a dragee, sugar candies, gril'jazh, a souffle, pomadka and many - many other things karamel', chocolate. The special place among this list borrows(occupies) karamel'. On some data, karamel' makes 28-32 % of all Russian confectionery market. Yes it and is not surprising, you see karamel'nye sweets – a favourite delicacy both for small, and for staren'kih. Really, the target audience for this production is extensive. Other advantage karameli – the price, you see in comparison with other sweets, karamel'nye sweets cheaper pleasure, taking into account, that an average level of the population of Russia continues to remain low. All these factors confirm uniqueness of this product.

Karamel' concerns to confectionery products, therefore and karamel'nyj the market is somewhat defined(determined) by the general(common) tendencies of this market to which concern:

  • Strong competition and concentration of manufacture;
  • Growth of manufacture of confectionery products per capita.

    On data ASKOND (Association of the confectionery industry), in 2000 growth of confectionery products has per capita increased in comparison with 1999 by 8 % (rice 1).

    And now, after flown by hot summer(years), participants of the confectionery market mark revival of demand in the market. And it is necessary to note, that falling of demand traditional for the years(summer) period on confectionery products as a whole is a little bit more, than on karamel'nye products in particular.

    Other group of problems concerns in the greater degree to the market karamel'noj production. First of all is a big share in the market of production imported from the countries of the CIS, to be exact, karameli, imported of Ukraine (rice 2).

    Volumes of import Ukrainian karameli on the average in the period with 1997 for 2000 were increased annually in 2,2 times. In the greater degree on Russian the Ukrainian production due to lower uses such success the market in comparison with Russian production, cost prices, and the target consumer karameli is very sensitive to a price level; therefore switching of consumers on cheaper production occured instantly. In result, by the beginning of 2001, Ukrainian karamel'naja production borrowed(occupied) about half of all market karameli.

    From here other tendency – falling of a domestic production karameli (fig. 2.) follows also. You see Russian production, literally words, is pushed out from the market owing to a price competition – the most simple and low form of a competition.

    But result of long disputes concerning protection of domestic manufacturers in this sector, became position which since May, 17, 2001 has ratified restrictive duties on import karameli at a rate of 21 %. Practically all large manufacturers karameli confirm, that after introduction of restrictive duties on import karamel', they have increased volumes of its(her) manufacture. Though definitely to speak about results of introduction of this duty still early.

    Among the Russian confectionery giants such domestic manufacturers, as factory " Red October ", combine " Бабаевский ", factory " Russia ", "RotFront", "Passion" have well recommended themselves on karamel'nom the market.

    What "know-how" karameli? And the technology is those – karamel'nyj the syrup is evaporated up to the maintenance(contents) of dry substances about 96 %, then in karamel'nuju weight are added aromatizatory, acids, dyes, karamel'naja the weight is extended, and at last, formed.

    According to various conditions of realization of some stages of production, karamel' it happens:

    • Transparent and opaque,
    • Painted and unpainted,
    • With addition natural or synthetic aromatizatorov,
    • With addition of citric or other acid,
    • Depending on formovki, karamel' it happens with a stuffing or without a stuffing.

      The assortment karamel'noj production in wholesale - retail trade includes all set forth above kinds karameli, and also versions karamel'noj production as a stuffing: fruktovo-berry, chocolate, nut, likernaja, honey, and other. Retail prices on karamel'nye sweets lay in limits from 24 up to 57 roubles for kg.

      All participants of the market (manufacturers, sellers, buyers) today with interest watch(keep up) changes in this market and wait for answers to the questions: How domestic manufacturers and what its(her) results have changed the market strategy? How protect the positions karamel'nye importers? As far as the price level in the market has changed and whether it is necessary to wait for change of quality of production? Answers to all these questions it is necessary to expect in the near future, with approach of a season for the confectionery industry, the market becomes more dynamical and will give long-awaited answers.


      Alena the native Land

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