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" Wine погребок " in Russia

" Wine pogrebok " in Russia

" Let a crystal glass and a deposit at the bottom

Announces day coming(stepping) to me.

Bitter this wine sometimes name.

If so – means, the true is latent in fault! "

Lobster Hajam

Probably, last time it there are more than Russians try to find true in fault, in opinion of experts, popularity of this alcoholic drink in Russia is increased. Consumption fault Russians in 2000 changed about 40 million decalitres, and experts give various estimations to the wine market from 450 up to 600 $ one million Significant volumes fault to Russia are imported, is especial from the countries of near foreign countries. According to company " business - analytics " for 2000, 59 % of the market borrowed(occupied) domestic fault, and about a quarter of the market - Moldavian wines, and volumes of import fault from Moldova are increased (fig. 1.)

According to company " business - analytics ", published on a site Trading Russia -

In conformity with demand the offer domestic fault grows last years. If to address to official sources of the statistical information on manufacture of alcoholic drinks in Russia, it is possible to find out, that growth of manufacture fault began from 1999 (rice 2,3).

The initial data are taken from an official site of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation –

On volumes of manufacture of plodovo-berry faults in 1999 leaders became Volga region (383 thousand has given.), Central (337 thousand has given.) and Volgo-Vjatsky (218 thousand has given.) areas, on rates of growth of manufacture plodovo-berry fault in comparison with the data for 1998 – Vostochno-Siberian (275 %), Volgo-Vjatsky (187,93 %) and Central areas (168,5 %).

The initial data are taken from an official site of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation – http: //

On positions of grape faults, the greatest volumes fault in absolute value in 1999 were made in Central (5242 thousand has given.), Volga region (709 thousand has given.) areas, manufacturers of Moscow (2457 thousand has given.), and on rates of growth of manufacture Volgo-Vjatsky (197,1 %), Central (156,85 %), Volga region areas (146,49 %).

On 30,5 % manufacture fault in our country in 2000 has grown, having reached(achieved) 24 million has given value. For January, - February 2001 growth of manufacture vinodel'cheskoj the industries has made 36,4 %, of them grape faults was made on 27,8 % more, than in the similar period of 2000, plodovo-berry faults – on 36,7 %.

Goskomstat of the Russian Federation for 1999-2000.

Experts predict, that in 2001 rates of growth of a supply and demand in the market fault can change only aside increases. The bases are obvious to such forecasts, well-being of consumers grows, that is solvent demand, a wine becomes a popular drink at all layers of the population, there is a culture fault, the awareness of buyers on marks, grades of faults, manufacturers raises, requirements of consumers to quality fault raise. The initiator and the buyer fault more often the man, however, consumers of this alcoholic drink equally are also men and women. Special intensity of purchases fault characterizes people in the age of 20-40 years, with average and is above the average a level of a prosperity (from 4500 roubles on a member of family). An occasion for purchase fault – the all-Russian or family holiday, frequently fault buy as a gift. The big number of active buyers fault are concentrated in large cities as quantity(amount) of consumers and frequency of purchases the fault is increased with growth of incomes.

Traditional container for this drink is the glass bottle, and for manufacture of wine bottles use of a dark glass is desirable, it protects a drink from hit of solar beams.

In general the wine is one of the most interesting alcoholic drinks, not without reason the history of creation fault leaves in an extreme antiquity. Feature fault that his(its) flavouring qualities are very dynamical, they depend on set of factors, among which grade of a grapes (berries), district of growth of a grapes (berries), weather conditions in one year of harvesting, technology, conditions of endurance(quotation), term of endurance(quotation), a condition of transportation, storage (temperature, position of a bottle, hit of solar beams). All these factors can transform taste fault of one mark beyond recognition, and at the big term of endurance(quotation) to foresee taste and aroma it is practically impossible. Level with assortment, the price for a wine varies, depending on mark, the manufacturer, term of endurance(quotation) of the price can increase from 40 up to 1500 roubles and is higher.

All participants making the offer in the market fault (manufacturers, distributors), reflect today about application in the business of marketing strategy, you see grows volume of the market as a whole, requirements of buyers of each level distrib'jutorskoj networks grow, market conditions were influenced also with the new mechanism of collection of the taxes, entered in actions since June, 1-st of this year. In a word level with opportunities in the market conditions for business dealing become tougher.


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