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Wine pogrebok (a part II)

" Wine pogrebok in Russia (II) "

In the first part of this clause(article), we have considered wine the market on makro-a level, the information on this market, his(its) capacity, structure, volumes of manufacture and consumption was submitted. In this part to attention of readers the information about itself is represented to fault as the goods, assortment of faults, to the "know-how" of faults, methods of promotion and a price situation in this market, say, speaking language of marketing, represented 4P the review (Product - the goods, Price - the price, Place – a place of sale, Promotion - promotion).

Let's start with definition of a word "wine" in the Soviet Encyclopaedic Dictionary, 1984: " the Wine – the alcoholic drink received full or partial spirtovym by fermentation(unrest) of grape or plodovo-berry juice. Special group of the faults, sated with carbonic acid: sparkling, sparkling or aerated. On quality fault divide(share) on branded (some years of endurance(quotation)) and ordinary (endurance(quotation) about 1 year). On colouring distinguish red, white and pink fault ". Besides it, fault also classify on percentage of spirit on usual and kreplenye, on percentage of sugar on dry, moist, semisweet and sweet (tab. 1.).

Table 1. Classification of grape faults by the maintenance(contents) of sugar and spirit

Grape fault The maintenance(contents), %
Spirit Sugar
Dining rooms
Dining rooms dry9-14 Up to 0,3
Dining rooms moist 9-120,5-3
Dining rooms semisweet 9-12 3-8
Kreplenye strong 17-20 1-14
Kreplenye dessert  
Kreplenye dessert semisweet 14-165-12
Kreplenye dessert sweet 15-1714-20
Kreplenye dessert likernye12-1721-35
Flavored16-18 6-16

The Soviet Encyclopaedic Dictionary, 1984.

Among other alcoholic drinks, the wine takes the especial place, you see useful properties of this drink are known from ancient times. Due to presence of tannins, vitamins and useful mineral elements, a wine frequently use in the medical and preventive purposes.

The manufacturing techniques fault are those: the collected grapevines subject to crushing, then there is a process of fermentation(unrest) of the received weight (glucose is decomposed to spirit and carbonic gas) within one or several weeks, then the received young wine is spilled in flanks for the subsequent endurance(quotation) or in bottles for retail. All versions of faults on set forth above classifications are made by such method, distinctions are created by wine makers as a result of some additional actions at any this stage. For example, as raw material different grades of a grapes can be used, in wine weight during fermentation(unrest) it is possible to add some of spirit and then it turns out kreplenoe a wine, vintage wine is a young wine which subject long endurance(quotation) in wooden flanks and to the subsequent filtration, flood etc. Traditional consumer packing fault – a glass bottle in capacity 0,7, 1,5 litres.

There is in the market a wine in packing Tetra-Pak, but such drink automatically is located in a category of cheap faults. Consumers quite often mark specific smack fault in such packing. However and the wine in packing Tetra-Pak will find the buyer, you see the level of incomes of the majority of Russians is not so great, frequently such wine is in demand at people of advanced age with a low prosperity.

Depending on the manufacturer, a grade of a grapes, term of endurance(quotation) and other parameters the price fault changes. It is possible to allocate some price segments:

  • The first segment – cheap fault, which retail cost from 40 up to 70 roubles for 0,7 l.
  • The second segment – better fault, which retail cost from 80, 90 up to 150 roubles for a bottle,
  • The third segment – fault of average elitnosti in cost from 150 up to 500 roubles for a bottle,
  • The fourth segment – elitnye fault – their cost from 600 roubles for a bottle and is higher.
The first segment of faults the largest, both by quantity(amount) of marks and manufacturers, and by quantity(amount) of consumers. All the Isabella, fault under mark Fanagorija and other are well-known such fault of this price segment, as Arbatskoe, Monastyrskaja a log hut, Monasyrskoe zastol'e, the Madonna with the baby, the Imperial meal Christening of the baby, Monastyrsky a court yard, Monastyrskaja a meal, Zori Moscow, Zemfira. These marks borrow(occupy) the big share of the wine market both in capital and in large cities of Russia, but is especial in regions where average the level of incomes of the population is very low. At buyers of this group of faults the fault uses the big preference red sweet and semisweet.

The club, Source concern to the second segment of faults, A.Berzherak fault marks Dionis. The target audience of these faults has an average level of a prosperity. Preferences of buyers between sweet, semisweet and dry wines is almost in balance.

The third segment of faults is submitted in the greater measure by foreign marks. The majority of purchases in this segment is made in capital. The level of a prosperity of buyers of it fault is high enough, as well as an educational level and a social status. Buyers of it fault give preferences to moist and dry wines.

Elitnye fault are submitted only in the large and specialized shops of capital and large cities. Their buyers in the industrial market known restaurants, clubs, in the consumer market – people with a high level of incomes.

Promotion of faults is a question demanding special consideration. You see such effective kind of advertising promotion as TV advertising, for manufacturers of faults is inaccessible. And the goods as we know, are specific enough, therefore such information and advertising channels, as the outdoor advertising, advertising in periodicals, a printed matter, advertising in places of sale more often are used. As the wine is the goods elitnogo demand and the big role at his(its) purchase is played with a psychological and emotional component, advertising fault carries imidzhevyj character more often. Any project on promotion of mark the fault passes a strict tentative estimation on conformity to image of mark. Also as the tool of promotion the organizations of wine tastings in places of sale are frequently used, participation of the company not only at exhibitions, but also on the organized festivals and holidays is important. Distrib'jutsija the fault with recent por has undergone some changes: Consumers can not buy a bottle fault in the market any more, in a stall or trading tent, the license is necessary for trade in a wine, the control of realization of alcoholic production is very strong. It has allowed to lower quantity(amount) of counterfeit and poor-quality alcoholic production some. And it very much an acute problem for the wine market, some years back literally each third - fourth bottle the fault was a fake under the present manufacturer, that is about 25 % of the market was borrowed(occupied) " black and sulfur " with production, today this parameter, in opinion of experts, has decreased to 5-10 %.

Domestic manufacturers while hold the positions in the wine market, but the competition on the part of known foreign marks of faults is very high. In this market not price competitive strategy in which basis creation of image of mark and the manufacturer should lay is expedient only. To the Russian manufacturers is about what to reflect.


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