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Canned food: vegetables and fruit. A part 1

Canned food: vegetables and fruit. A part 1

The fertile autumn with abundance of fresh vegetables and fruit comes to an end, and winter begins, and together with it(her) consumption of fruit-and-vegetable preservation gradually starts to be increased. Therefore today we shall talk that occurs in the market of vegetable canned food.

In 2003 the volume of the Russian market of fruit-and-vegetable canned food has made 1,2 billion dollars, whereas the previous 2002 – only 950 thousand dollars, and in 2001 – 800 thousand dollars (see the diagram 1). In natural parameters these figures look as follows: the total amount of the market in 2003 made about 1480 - 1500 thousand tons of vegetable canned food or 3700 – 3750 муб (one million conditional jars). It on 24 % is more, than the previous 2002. Thus, it is possible to speak about rather dynamical development of branch last years.

The diagram 1. Dynamics(changes) of growth of volumes of the market of fruit-and-vegetable preservation.

On the today's moment, as well as in the previous years, the most active players who supervise the most part of the Russian market of vegetable canned food, the western companies are. The share of the Russian companies does not exceed 10 %.

Leaders in deliveries of production on the Russian market are the Hungarian and French companies, do not lag behind them and the Asian manufacturers (China, Thailand, Vietnam). Among the largest companies it is possible to name: Bonduelle, Green Giant, Golden Pheasant. Not bad feel like in the Russian market and the Ukrainian companies, their share makes 13 % from total amount of import. Production of companies " Верес " concerns to the most submitted, "Чумак", « Podolsk relish », "Златодар".

The western companies, as a rule, have the, more or less narrow specialization. So, the Hungarian companies basically are engaged in conservation of cucumbers, tomatoes and string beans, French - conservation of corn, горошка, a bamboo, the company from the Asian region - conservation of pineapples, peaches and other fruit.

On the diagram 2 dynamics(changes) of import of vegetable canned food to Russia in the period with 1999 for 2003 is represented according to the State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation.

Within 2003 to Russia it was imported 350 thousand tons of vegetable canned food (not including juices, tomato sauce and paste). It exceeds a parameter of 2002 only on 5 %. Whereas the previous years it(he) was where as above. For example, in 2002 import has increased on 18,6 %, in 2001 – on 22,8 %, in 2000 – on 39,9 %. Such reduction of rates of growth of import deliveries looks a little strange on a background of the general(common) growth of volumes of the market. It is possible to assume, however, that the official customs statistics not quite reflects true dynamics(changes) and the sizes of import of import production and a part of her(it) acts in the country in the illegal way.

The diagram 2. Dynamics(changes) of import of vegetable canned food to Russia in 1999 – 2003.

The changes occuring in the market of vegetable canned food not only quantitative, but also qualitative. To significant changes the structure of consumption first of all has undergone. With increase of growth of incomes of the population demand for vegetable canned food of the lowermost price segment has sharply fallen and, demand for the canned food concerning a премиум-segment has accordingly increased. In large cities (Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other cities - ¿½½¿«¡¡¿¬¿) is observed reduction of domestic preparations and increase of consumption of the canned food made by an industrial way.

The market of vegetable canned food has the specificity. Consumption develops of production made in domestic conditions and canned food, made by an industrial way. In Russia long since do(make) many domestic preparations, that certainly, not so positively influences development of the given branch. According to experts the share of domestic preparations borrows(occupies) about 50 – 55 % in total amount of consumption of fruit-and-vegetable canned food.

If to compare volumes of consumption of vegetable canned food in Russia to other countries it is possible to note that Russians at the present moment of such production in some times less, than people living in other countries on the average consume. So, in Europe on one person it is necessary 10-16 kg of canning fruit-and-vegetable production per one year, in Canada - 13 kg, and in USA - 50, and in Russia – only 4 kg.

Continuation follows …

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