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Canned food: vegetables and fruit. A part 2

Canned food: vegetables and fruit. A part 2

The most part of the market of fruit-and-vegetable canned food was won by the foreign companies, however now the Russian companies try to return the domestic market in the hands. Last time we have told about import of vegetable canned food and everything, that to it(him) is connected. Today we shall talk about tendencies of a domestic production and about domestic manufacturers.

With a domestic production of vegetable canned food in the country all is not so smooth. The share of production of the Russian manufacturers of canned food makes all about 10 % from total amount of the market. But in the last couple of years tendencies of activization of the Russian manufacturers were planned. The new companies which build the work under the western standards and which are ready not only to make a competition to the foreign companies have appeared, but appreciablly to press them in the market.

On the diagram 1 the data on manufacture in Russia fruit-and-vegetable canned food are given according to Goskomstat in the period with 1994 for 2003. In 2003, on data ГКС, in Russia it was made 478,6 million conditional jars of vegetable canned food, that on 4,7 % there are less than volumes of release of the previous year. In 2003 for the first time after crisis small decrease(reduction) of volumes of manufacture is observed. This was promoted also by strong reduction of volumes of the collected vegetables in 2002, and also adverse weather conditions in the summer 2003 when in the most fertile Krasnodar territory the drought was observed.

The diagram 1. Manufacture of fruit-and-vegetable canned food in Russia in 1994 – 2003, one million усл. Jars.

However, as the statistics (the data of Goskomstat) shows, in 2004 this tendency was not kept. On results of work of the Russian manufacturers in the period since January till April, 2004 release of fruit-and-vegetable canned food has increased on 48,9 % in comparison with the appropriate period of 2003.

Distribution of manufacture of fruit-and-vegetable manufacture on the country is very non-uniform. Naturally the basic part of vegetable-processing capacities in Russia is located in Southern federal district, in the same place where the basic part going further for processing of fruit and vegetables (see the diagram 2) is raised. In 2003 there it was issued 319,6 муб vegetable canned food that has made about 66,8 % from all volume of the Russian manufacture of fruit-and-vegetable canned food.

The diagram 2. Distribution of manufacture of fruit-and-vegetable canned food on federal districts in 2003.

At present some the domestic companies conduct active struggle against foreigners. It is holding " Помидорпром ", "Baltimore", Багаевский a cannery, « the Owner љ ».

Holding " Помидорпром " already now borrows(occupies) a significant share of the market and continues to increase volumes of release. In January – May, 2004 the volume of manufacture at this company has increased on 23 % in comparison with the appropriate period of the last year.

Summing up all aforesaid it is possible to allocate the following tendencies inherent in the today's Russian market of fruit-and-vegetable canned food:
• High potential of growth of the given market. Under forecasts of experts in the nearest three – five years rates of growth of this market will make about 25 – 30 % per one year;
• Toughening of a competition between the domestic and foreign companies;
• Opening in Russia own manufactures by the foreign companies which before were the largest importers;
• Change of structure of a consumer demand;
• Gradual reduction of a share of domestic preparations in total amount of consumption, especially it concerns large cities.

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