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Guessing on a coffee grounds(thick). A part 1

Guessing on a coffee grounds(thick). A part 1

From hot drinks in Russia tea is most popular. However, in the last some years are observed the tendency of reduction of his(its) share in total amount of consumed hot drinks due to increase of consumption of coffee. And today we shall talk about the tendencies observably(notice) in the Russian coffee market.

According to Association " Росчайкофе " in 2003 the total amount of the Russian coffee market has made in natural expression 103-105 thousand т, that is in comparison with 2002 the market has grown on 5 %. In money terms (in wholesale prices) the volume of the coffee market makes about 1,3 billion dollars, that on 30 % it is more in comparison with 2002.

Russia has no coffee plantations, therefore all market develops of the brought product. Now to Russia all kinds of coffee act. On the diagram 1 dynamics(changes) of import of soluble and natural coffee to Russia for the last some years (is submitted according to the State customs committee). Import natural (green and fried) coffee in 2003 has increased in comparison with 1999 year in 3,4 times – from 9 thousand tons up to 31 thousand tons. Volumes of import deliveries of soluble coffee grew not so high rates. For this period import of soluble coffee has grown in 1,9 times – from 55 thousand tons in 1999 up to 103 thousand tons in 2003 year. On results of 8 months of the current year import of coffee was reduced a little, in comparison with a similar parameter of the last year.

The diagram 1. Dynamics(changes) of import of coffee to Russia in 1999-2003 years (thousand tons).

In structure of import of natural (insoluble) coffee the most part (84 % on results of 2003) falls to the green, not fried coffee. In Russia green coffee process and use in manufacture of soluble coffee.

On results of 2003 import of green coffee it is significant (more than on 20 %) has increased. Almost on 28 % import of natural fried / ground coffee has increased also. And import of soluble coffee has remained approximately at a last year's level.

The basic suppliers to Russia green coffee in 2003, as well as in previous, were such countries as Vietnam – deliveries therefrom have made 6,4 thousand tons, India – 4,8 thousand tons, Indonesia – 3,6 thousand tons, Cat Д’Ивуар – 3 thousand tons, Brazil – 2,5 thousand tons, That and Honduras – accordingly hardly less than 1 thousand tons from each country (see the diagram 2).

If to speak about regional distribution of import of green coffee the most part of the not fried coffee acts to Moscow and Saint Petersburg (59 % and 32 % accordingly). In many respects it is defined(determined) by that the basic companies - переработчики of green coffee are concentrated in these cities.

The diagram 2. Import of green coffee the countries in 2003 (in natural expression).

Now in the market of coffee it is possible to allocate the following types of production:
• coffee in grains
• ground coffee
• soluble coffee
• coffee mixes

Most of all in Russia consume soluble coffee, however recently the structure of consumption to change began rather strongly.

Continuation follows …

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