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Guessing on a coffee grounds(thick). A part 2

Guessing on a coffee grounds(thick). A part 2

In one of the last reviews the situation concerning import of coffee to Russia was described, consumption of this product today will be considered.

Consumption of coffee in the country stably grows, though in the last couple of years his(its) rates have a little decreased and now make 5 – 7 % per one year. The share of coffee in the Russian basket of hot drinks in natural expression makes 37 %, and in money terms - more than 50 % (on results of 2003). As a whole on Russia consumption of coffee makes about 100 - 120 thousand tons.

In the coffee market it is possible to allocate on the following segments:

1. Coffee natural. Can be ground and in grains.
Consumption of natural coffee in the country is not so great, in comparison with soluble. On fried grains and ground coffee it is necessary only 7 % of the market on quantity(amount) and 4 % on cost. However recently the share of natural coffee of consumption grows much faster rates, than a share soluble, is especial in a segment of ground coffee.

According to marketing research of company TNS MIC of coffee natural (ground and in grains) buy 38,7 % of Russians. In Saint Petersburg and Moscow the picture is a little bit other, consumers of such kind of coffee it is much more - than 56,7 % and 50 % accordingly.

Most of all natural coffee, according to the same research, consume in Northwest (51,5 %), Southern (39,6 %) and Central (44 %) regions.

2. Coffee soluble. Soluble coffee in turn also shares on some types: powder (эмульгированный, powder), гранулированный (agglomerated, agglo) and сублимированный (freeze-dry).

In Russia this segment of the market is advanced in the best way. Overwhelming number of Russians (about 80 %) consume soluble coffee. In one country of the world there are no so high parameters.

On the diagram 1 it is possible to see a parity(ratio) of consumption of various kinds of soluble coffee. Powder coffee the cheapest and his(its) share in total amount of consumption of soluble coffee in Russia last years stably decreases.

The greatest demand uses гранулированный coffee. The technology of his(its) manufacturing allows to receive a product about more best taste and more fragrant, than powder coffee. Сублимированный coffee of most dear(expensive) of all kinds of soluble coffee, however and the best under the flavouring characteristics. This segment of the market grows most dynamically and the fastest rates.

The diagram 1. A parity(ratio) of various kinds of soluble coffee.

3. Coffee mixes (mixes of coffee soluble with sugar, сливками, milk, пищевкусовыми additives). Coffee mixes take a significant place in the market. Their share, approximately, is equal 20 % on quantity(amount) and 10 % on cost. This segment of the market also is very perspective and grows rather big rates (about 25-30 % per one year).

4. Coffee drinks (coffee soluble with наполнителем (желуди, chicory, a ginseng etc.), coffee substitute).

One of problems of the coffee market is a quality of production. Introduction new ГОСТа on natural fried coffee (GOST Р 52088-2003) in July, 2004 is one more step directed on decrease(reduction) of a share of the poor-quality goods in shops. On new ГОСТу manufacturers now are obliged to specify on packing a version and a degree обжарки coffee which classification in the new standard is close to standard in the world. Also besides the first, second and maximum(supreme) grades the concept of a class "премиум" is entered, that allows to expand a scale of an estimation of quality of production.

Experts predict the following changes of structure of consumption in the Russian coffee market:
• Increase of a share of a segment of natural coffee though existing tendencies of prevalence of soluble coffee still will stay.
• the Further reduction of consumption of powder coffee and due to it increase of segments agglo and freeze-dry.

At the end of the last year (2004) cost of coffee on the New York stock exchange has grown almost on 40 % for three months and has reached(achieved) the maximal value for last four years. The reason for this of analytics name reduction of volumes of manufacture of coffee expected in 2005 by the largest countries - manufacturers, such as Brazil and Columbia. In this connection in Russia the rise in prices on natural coffee is predicted.

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