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The brief review of consumption of beer in Kaluga

All over the world one of the most popular alcoholic drinks is beer. In Russia, on the data " GELLAP MEDIA ", the number of active consumers of this drink makes 18 million person.
In Kaluga, according to the interrogation which has been carried out(spent) MMTS "Kaluga - Moscow", from time to time drink beer of 52 % kaluzhan. Thus on the average from the interrogated man's population of Kaluga the share of fans(amateurs) of beer makes 86 %, from female - only 30 %.
Active consumers of beer in our city make 54,2 %, t. e. More than half drinking beer use it(him) not less often than 1 time per one week, and everyone the third - 2-3 times per one week.
Basically consumers of beer are two age groups kaluzhan. The first is made with young people in the age of from 16 till 30 years where the greatest interest of consumption of beer falls to an interval from 25 till 30 years. They represent 37 % drinking beer. Despite of it it is necessary to note, that from youth of 16-20 years beer drink about 60 %. The second group represents people in the age of from 45 till 55 years, among representatives of this group of beer are fond from 60 up to 90 %. As a whole the tendency of reduction of quantity(amount) drinking beer with increase of age all the same is observed.
In the Kaluga market of beer there is a significant amount of marks of beer of the most different kinds. There is a beer both in bottles, and in banks, and razlivnoe.
The data of interrogation have shown, that bottle beer (beer in bottles 73 % interrogated kaluzhan prefer) uses the greatest popularity, can beer is in demand low enough demand, and almost third kaluzhan prefer razlivnoe beer.
On a question " What marks of beer drink more often? " The following were named: Arsenal'noe, Baltic, ZHigulevskoe, Gold a flank, Bochkarev, Ochakovo, Klinskoe, Afanasy, Amsterdam, Corona, Volga, the Doctor the diesel Engine, the Red east, Honey, Hunting, Pikur, Malts, the Old miller, the fat Man, JArpivo.
On the received data, the greatest popularity in Kaluga uses "Arsenal'noe" (39 % of all drinking beer kaluzhan), that speaks:
 the Low price
 a Variety of kinds (assortments)
 Affinity of the manufacturer (Tula)
The second place is borrowed(occupied) with "Baltic" (this mark 34 % of all drinking prefer beer kaluzhan) thanking:
 Popularity of mark
 to High quality
 to Assortment
It is necessary to note, that on the average on Russia "Baltic" with the big separation takes a leading place. For comparison: in Moscow "Baltic" borrowed(occupied) 26 % of the market, in Saint Petersburg - 36 %, in Ekaterinburg - 60 %. As we see, and in Kaluga, conceding only "Arsenal'nomu" this mark covers third of market of beer.
On the third place on preferences kaluzhan, participating in interrogation, there is " other Russian mark ". Here it means local razlivnoe beer which is preferred with 18 % interrogated that speaks the low price so high availability.
Thus, these three marks taken together, make 91 % of the market of beer. The staying of 9 % belong to anothers above named to marks.
We " Gold a flank " in the list of preferences borrows(occupies) 5 place, probably, among participants of interrogation patriotically adjusted kaluzhan was a little.
Among the marks of beer used even sometimes, were named: Baltic, Gold a flank, Afanasy, Klinskoe, ZHigulevskoe, Arsenal'noe, Bochkarev, Badaevskoe, Admiralty, Neva, Three bears, Bear Beer, Holsten, Miller, Monarch, Ochakovo, Amsterdam, Corona, Pit, Stepan Razin, Ostankinskoe, Volga, the Doctor the diesel Engine, the Red east, Efes, Bavaria, Gosser, Tuborg, the Falcon, Capital, the Barley ear, Honey, Hunting, Pikur, Malts, the Old miller, the fat Man, JArpivo.
According to interrogation, more often kaluzhane use usual beer (75 %), easy drink 19 %, strong - 6 %, fans(amateurs) of nonalcoholic beer in Kaluga are not present. The majority of consumers of beer his(its) houses or on a visit, much less often - in a bar, restaurant or drink cafe.
On some data, on the average for one year in Saint Petersburg was vypito 52 litres of beer per capita, in Moscow - 31 litre. As to Kaluga our city lags behind them - for one year everyone kaluzhanin has drunk only 23 litres of beer.
So, who all the same will go for … "Arsenal'nym"?

Anna Bazhenova
MMTS "Kaluga - Moscow"
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