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Porridge oil you will not spoil (the Review of the Kaluga market of a butter and margarine)

Porridge oil you will not spoil (the Review of the Kaluga market of a butter and margarine)

In present clause(article) the analysis of the offer of a butter and margarine will be carried out(spent) by the Kaluga trading operators the assortment and the prices of network trading structures and not network shops, in particular, are compared. Some basic tendencies of demand for various kinds of animal oil are considered(examined).

Butter and margarine are an integral part of our table.

On the official statistical data, dynamics(changes) of release of a butter in Russia last years had unstable character, but as a whole the domestic production of animal oils is characterized by the tendency to increase. So, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, in January — July, 2004 the volume of manufacture of animal oil in Russia has increased in comparison with 2003 in 2,2 times.

As one of the basic tendencies of the Russian market of soft fats in the last some years are possible to name reduction of a share of weighed out oil for the benefit of packaged. Concerning consumption of animal oils the tendency to some decrease(reduction) of preference of a butter and growth of consumption of the facilitated oils is traced.

Let's give the brief characteristic of a modern condition of the market of animal oils in one of the Central regions of Russia – in the Kaluga region.

Results of researches (monitorings of assortment of animal oils, the prices for them in shops; interrogations of consumers), carried out(spent) by the Inter-regional marketing centre "Kaluga - Moscow" in November 2004 - February, 2005, testify that in retail trading structures of Kaluga the wide assortment of animal oils is submitted. Production of known Russian manufacturers, and also local manufacturers is most distributed. Production of large world manufacturers – so-called "global" suppliers is submitted a little bit. In relation to "global" suppliers the obvious priority is observed of the Russian manufacturers.

Among the largest manufacturers of animal oils in region it is necessary to note the following enterprises: the Obninsk dairy factory; Агрофирма "Оптина" (. Козельск); the Obninsk creamery № 2; Детчинский a dairy factory; Жуковский a dairy factory; Балабановский a dairy factory; Бабынинский a dairy factory. These enterprises let out a butter which is in demand, popularity at калужан. Manufacturers of margarine in region are absent.

Shares of production of animal oil of federal, global and local manufacturers in the offer of trading operators of Kaluga are reflected in the diagram 1.

The diagram 1

Animal oils are submitted in packing of 180 gramme, 200 gramme, 250 gramme, 500 gramme in pergament packing, a foil and plastic banks. Packing of 200 gramme (butter), 250 gramme (soft oil and margarine) and 500 gramme is most distributed. The average price for a pack of oil in weight of 200 gramme makes 17 - 29 roubles depending on the trade mark, retail shop. The average price for packing of margarine or to bank of soft oil changes within the limits of 8-15 roubles.

Characterizing features of assortment of animal oils and the prices for them in the Kaluga network structures, it is necessary to note, that now in city it is possible to allocate three largest networks which are carrying out retails of articles of food. One of these networks national; two others – local networks of Kaluga. There are the networks positioned as дискаунтеры, and also as offering products mainly for the provided layers of the population of city.

The data of monitorings testify that the breadth of assortment of animal oils is a little bit connected to the factor of an accessory(a belonging) of a shop to the certain network structure – in relation to not network shops she(it) more on 5-10 %. More significant communication(connection) is traced between breadth of assortment of animal oils and the area of a shop. With increase of the area, the assortment becomes more various.

In network shops the assortment of new production which has recently left on the market, in particular, trade marks of animal oils of manufacturers of the Kaluga region is more widely submitted. In the national network structure which is carrying out work in city, production of local manufacturers of southern regions of Russia, in particular – Krasnodar territory is widely submitted.

For network shops the tendency to the greater представленности, than in not network shops, animal oils known world(global) – "global" manufacturers (for example, a butter "Anchor", "President" is characteristic; soft oil "Rama"; margarine "Voimix"; « Valley Сканди » and some other).

Communication(connection) between the price for oil - fatty production and an accessory(a belonging) of a shop to the certain network structure is ambiguous. In many respects she(it) depends on the network and as she(it) positions herself is designed for what target audience. So, in shops of the networks positioned as дискаунтеры, the prices for animal oils as a whole are lower, than in small not network shops, (on the average - on 2-8 roubles). In shops of the network positioned as offering products for more provided layers of the population of city, the price for various kinds of oil and mayonnaise are similar to the prices of not network shops, and for a number(line) of positions and is a little bit higher (on the average – 3-6 roubles).

As a whole both in network, and in not network shops mainly inexpensive production of animal oils concerning the bottom and average price segment is submitted. More expensive(dear) trade marks appropriate to top of an average price segment and the top segment (and submitted basically global manufacturers), make an insignificant part of the offer of retail trading operators; a little more they are submitted in a network focused on more provided layers of the population of city, some largest not network shops.

The parity(ratio) of shares of production of animal oils of federal, global and local manufacturers differs in the network structures positioned as дискаунтеры and as offering products for more provided layers of the population of city (see the diagram 2).

The diagram 2

The priority share in assortment is made with animal oils of large federal manufacturers. Global world(global) trade marks are submitted a little bit; more they are distributed in a network focused mainly on more provided population. To local manufacturers belongs about third of assortment of animal oils. Thus in the networks positioned as дискаунтеры, the share of local manufacturers is much higher, than in a network for the provided layers, and makes about 40 % of assortment.

Let's consider some basic tendencies of demand for animal oils in Kaluga. Among the population of city of 92 % have recognized itself as consumers of a butter. The significant share of consumers (25 %) eats four 200-gramme packs of a butter per one month. The least share (10 %) – those who consumes no more than 200 grammes per one month. Two packs monthly consume 28 % of consumers; three – 34 % of consumers. 3 more % of consumers were at a loss to answer, how many they eat oils monthly (see the diagram 3).

As against a butter, the greatest share of consumers of margarine (38 %) – those who eats two packings per one month. On the second place with a parameter of 29 % an audience consuming monthly no more of one packing of margarine. Three packings of margarine per one month consume about 18 % of city dwellers; four packs per one month – 12,5 %. Were at a loss to give the answer of 2,5 % of consumers (see the diagram 4). It is necessary to take into account, that as against a butter, маргариновая "packing" differs in the big size – 250 grammes (against 200 г at a butter).

The diagram 3

The diagram 4

Concerning consumer preferences of a butter and margarine of federal, global and local manufacturers it is necessary to note the following. Among the Kaluga consumers the butter of local and some other local manufacturers (43 %), and also known Russian federal manufacturers (about 38 %) uses the greatest demand. Trade marks of oil of global manufacturers are claimed among much smaller part калужан (no more than 10-15 %). For 6 % of consumers the country / region of manufacture of a butter (see the diagram 5) has no value.

The diagram 5

Consumption of margarine are a little bit distinct from a picture observably(notice) on a butter (in particular, in connection with absence of local manufacturers of margarine in region). Preferences of local manufacturers here are lower (28 %), and preferences of federal and global manufacturers – are higher (46 % and 18 % accordingly), than concerning a butter. For 8 % of consumers the country / region of manufacture of a butter are not significant (see the diagram 6).

The diagram 6

Among the most preferred national manufacturers of a butter it is possible to note production which is let out by concern « Вимм – the Bill - Данн » - one of the largest companies of the food industry uniting 24 industrial enterprises in 20 regions of Russia, this butter « the small House in a village », « Cheerful молочник »; Joint-Stock Company PTK « Northern milk », the Vologda area – oil "Vologda", cow; Open Society " ЭФКО ", the Belgorod area – oil "Large village"; Open Society Dmitrovsky a dairy factory – oil cow is sweet creamy and some other.

Among the most preferred local manufacturers who are letting out oil under marks "creamy", "country", are allocated: the Obninsk dairy factory (Obninsk), Агрофирма "Оптина" (. Козельск) the Obninsk creamery № 2 (Obninsk).

Among global manufacturers consumers mark production of Finnish company " Valio " are marks of oil "Valio", “ Midnight Sun ”, "Vologda"; companies « New Zealand dairy products », representing on the Russian market a butter "Anchor" and "Доярушка"; French company " Lactalis " – letting out a butter under mark "President".

The manufacturers of margarine most preferred at the Kaluga consumers are such national manufacturers, as: company " Петросоюз " (St.-Petersburg маргариновый combine), Nizhniy Novgorod масложировой combine, the Samara fatty combine. Among the most popular trade marks it is possible to note the following marks of margarine and soft oil: oil "Rural", "Покровское", "Станичное", « my family », "Loved("liked,"favourite"), oils "Relish", "Grandmother's", "Imperial", "Маслице", "Summer residence", маргарины "Хозяюшка".

From foreign manufacturers production of concern " Unilever " – soft oils "Rama", margarine "Пышка" is most claimed; the Finnish concern " Raisio " which is letting out margarine "Voimix"; margarine « Valley Сканди ».

Thus, the Kaluga market of animal oils is sated, on it(him) production of some domestic and foreign manufacturers is submitted. The significant part – about third of market is borrowed(occupied) with production of local manufacturers. The butter of local manufacture is in demand at consumers. As a whole the basic part of the Kaluga consumers prefers the Russian animal oils in relation to global trade marks. Results of the carried out(spent) researches allow to draw a conclusion that калужанам today is than « to coax porridge », however opportunities for development of the market of animal oils in region are open also a similar problem(task) it is represented actual.

Anton Sozontov,
маркетолог-аналитик ММЦ "Kaluga - Moscow"

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