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Favourite dish of students (the Review of the Russian market of pel'menis)
In 2004 the volume of the Russian market of pel'menis has made about 500 thousand tons or 700-750 million US dollars. Manufacture of pel'menis in Russia, it agrees to the data of statistics, are engaged about 500 large and average enterprises, and also significant number in nobody of the counted up small enterprises. By results of the researches which have been carried out(spent) by company GFK Group, the five of conducting manufacturers of pel'menis, and also the shares borrowed(occupied) with these manufacturers in the Russian market, look as follows. Open Company " Мириталь " which share in the Russian market makes 6,7 % in natural expression and 5,6 % - in cost expression (see table 1) is in the lead. The second place divide Open Company " КП the Siberian Gourmet " and Open Company " Дарья " with equal shares in 3,4 % (in cost expression). On the third position - Joint-Stock Company " ПОКОМ " (2,9 %); on the fourth position - Open Company " Талосто " (2,6 %). Table 1. Conducting Russian manufacturers of pel'menis and their shares in the market in cost expression (on data GFK Group)
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