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Last years active development of the Russian beer market promoted occurrence of products which were initially positioned as easy snack to beer. To them it is possible to attribute(relate) the packed salty nutlets, chips, вяленые seafoods. Rather recently in the market have appeared and finely cut packed сухарики. Actually, this product in Russia is known for a long time and it is considered primordially Russian meal, therefore "new" сухарики have easily won popularity at consumers and have very quickly taken the place among the easy snack concerning to снэковой of production. The history of manufacture сухариков in Russia totals all about four years. The first сухарики petersburg manufacturers ПФ "Эпсилон" under trade mark "Чапсы" have let out have received from legendary hero V.I.Chapaeva, which is represented on bags. From the moment of the beginning of manufacture сухариков in Russia and about today the market has undergone essential changes: new manufacturers and set of trade marks have appeared. The regional markets essentially differ from each other both on manufacturers, and on брендам. In 2003г., for example, was present more than 30 marks сухариков, among them ancestors of this segment "Чапсы", " Three crusts " (Bridgetown), "Емеля" (К.П.Ф. "Емеля"), marks "Кириешки", "Компашки", "Хрусташки", "Russian", "Бабаевские", "Powerful", "Трофи", "Capital" and so forth However during existence of this market more than 20 trade marks have already disappeared from counters. This speaks that without the analysis of the consumer market and carefully thought over marketing strategy it becomes difficult for manufacturers to survive in new economic conditions. According to company " Siberian coast ", the volume of the Russian market packed сухариков makes 341 million dollars. According to the interrogation of research company " Комкон " which have been carried out(spent) in the first half-year 2003, the majority of consumers сухариков in Russia preferred production of " the Siberian coast " (mark "Кириешки" 63 % of respondents have named, mark "Компашки" - 20 %). On the second place - production " Bridgetown Фудс " (mark of " Three crusts " - 41 %), on the third - К.П.Ф. " Емеля " (mark "Емеля" - 28 %). As to the Moscow market сухариков on it(him) leaders are the same three manufacturers, only the first place borrows(occupies) " Bridgetown Фудс ". On the data on 2005г., the biggest share of the Moscow market сухариков - 38 % - borrow(occupy) the companies which specialization is manufacture of easy snack to слабоалкогольной production. Basically it is manufacturers of snack to beer, however, company " Хэпппилэнд " has let out on the market сухарики with exotic multicomponent tastes under trade mark "Трофи", same with a series known now слабоалкогольных cocktails. Equally сухариками manufacturers снэковой are engaged and nut production - their shares make on 21 %. On 10 % of the market manufacturers хлебно production and borrow(occupy) the enterprises which are letting out products of fast preparation and - or dry breakfasts:
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