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Irkutsk scientific research institute of geology

The Irkutsk scientific research institute of geology has created a technique

The account and the analysis of objects nedropol'zovanija

On the basis of the space data

Engineers informtsentra Irkutsk scientific research institute of geology, geophysics and mineral raw material have created a technique of the account and the analysis of objects nedropol'zovanija on the basis of the data of remote sounding (kosmosnimkov). On the basis of this technique also it is possible to carry out(spend) expert doshifrovanie industrial and communication objects, sources of pollution, hydraulic engineering constructions and settlements.
As the engineer of information centre of institute Andrey Kichigin has informed "Sibnovostjam", all received data can be used for the decision prirodoresursnyh problems(tasks): revealings of infringement of borders of license sites, actualizations of data on a condition of objects nedropol'zovanija, specifications of existing geological cards(maps), and also kartirovanija fumes, supervision over structure of woods, localization and monitoring of flooding and another. However till now neither the committee of natural resources of Irkutsk area, nor other bodies supervising use of natural resources, have not taken advantage of such information.
Now in archive of the data of remote sounding informtsentra VOSTSIBNIIGGIMSa more than 3,5 thousand digital and 1,5 thousand paper kosmosnimkov, collected for last 30 years.
On A.Kichigina's words, the institute has a unique opportunity to obtain the data on global natural changes with the help satellite spektroradiometra MODIS which allows to study simultaneously the broad audience of objects of biosphere, litosfery, hydrospheres and atmospheres. This device - one of key tools onboard American satellite EOS AM-1 (Terra), started in December, 1999. It(he) covers a terrestrial surface shooting for 1-2 days with the spatial sanction of 250-1000 meters. Data MODIS in a mode of real time are transferred to reception station which is established in informtsentre VOSTSIBKNIIGGIMSa, and in the same place are processed. Similar reception stations are established in Rostov on Don, in the Ministry of Emergency Measures in Moscow, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Yakutsk.

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