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Analytical clauses(articles) and materials The author Date
Marketing Analytic 4 - Management of a complex of marketing of the enterprise on the basis of CRM-technologies MMC "Tjumen'" - OOO "Akademicheskijj Centr Marketingovykh Issledovanijj"  15.05.03 
The analysis of problems of small business MMC "Perm'"- Marketingovoe Agentstvo "Tochka Opory"  28.01.02 
Business Bulgaria - Russia MMC "Varna" - Biznes agentstvo "Franga"  28.10.03 
The big hopes of small business MMC "Dagestan"  15.06.02 
production MMC "Moskva"  01.09.09 
INVEST To NEW BULGARIA MMC "Varna" - Biznes agentstvo "Franga"  31.10.03 
Investment activity in Stavropol territory in January, - July 2001 MMC "Stavropol'e"  03.04.03 
structure of area MMC "Varna" - Biznes agentstvo "Franga"  15.11.04 
Use of Internet - technologies by the enterprises of Chelyabinsk MMC "Cheljabinsk"  28.05.04 
10  Research of consumers - participants of the advertising action(share) in a motor show "MMC-Tver'"  25.04.06 
11  Research company " reform " declares plans of realization of researches up to the end of 2007: MMC "Voronezh" - Marketingovaja kompanija "Reforma"  19.12.06 
12  To a question on interrelation of aggressive advertising and increase of sales in food sector of the consumer market MMC "Dagestan"  25.08.03 
13  Consulting company of Joint-Stock Company " Inter-regional Business - agency " has come in Short list 500-CIS MMC "Tomsk" - ZAO Mezhregional'noe Biznes-Agentstvo  28.06.07 
14  Small business of Tver today "MMC-Tver'"  17.05.02 
15  Small business. What constrains his(its) development? MMC "Dagestan"  15.06.02 
16  Marks of food stuffs MMC "Moskva"  30.11.01 
17  New strategy about a privatization " holding " MMC "Varna" - Biznes agentstvo "Franga"  31.10.03 
18  The review of the Russian market of autocrediting MMC "Moskva"  28.02.08 
19  The review of the Russian market of hypothecary crediting MMC "Moskva"  23.07.07 
20  The review of the Russian market of consumer crediting MMC "Moskva"  12.01.09 
21  The review of the Russian market of the software MMC "Moskva"  22.06.09 
22  The organizations of self-regulation of business: the economic reasons and value for a society MMC "Dagestan"  22.08.03 
23  Organization in Ryazan MMC "Rjazan'" - MC "Kontakt"  05.04.02 
24  The list of researches MMC "Kaluga"  26.11.01 
25  The list of marketing works. MMC "Tula" - NP "NTO-InfoKom"  03.09.01 
26  Parameters of relative credit status of Kurgan region MMC "Kurgan"  08.11.01 
27  The entrepreneur, what you want to know? MMC "Dagestan"  13.06.02 
28  Regional features of perfection of the control of safety of consumption. MMC "Dagestan"  27.08.03 
29  Results of research « Scales of use of mechanisms of financial rent (leasing) by the enterprises of Kurgan region » MMC "Kurgan"  01.10.01 
30  Advertising - the engine of trade? MMC "Kaluga"  26.03.02 
31  Role and value of consumer formation(education) in modern conditions MMC "Dagestan"  11.09.03 
32  Role of an infrastructure of Dagestan at a stage of stabilization of economy MMC "Dagestan"  22.01.02 
33  Condition of small entrepreneurship of the Vladimir area. Results 2001. MMC "Vladimir"  10.04.02 
34  Social and economic position of city of Tver in January, - September 2001 "MMC-Tver'"  13.11.01 
35  The comparative review of economic growth of the Perm area concerning other regions Privolzhskogo of district MMC "Perm'"- Marketingovoe Agentstvo "Tochka Opory"  07.02.02 
36  Clause(article) about crisis Kaluga MMC "Kaluga"  24.03.09 
37  SCRIPTS of DEVELOPMENT of INNOVATIONAL SPHERE of CITY of TOMSK MMC "Tomsk" - ZAO Mezhregional'noe Biznes-Agentstvo  02.04.07 
38  Bulgaria - Russia MMC "Varna" - Biznes agentstvo "Franga"  31.10.03 
39  Shaped coding - necessity for manufacturers of food stuffs MMC "Moskva"  06.12.01 
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